The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


But but but… they’re not permanent.

Nope, they’re not. If you want to keep them keep voting for the people that gave them to you. It’s as simple as that.


Im self employed now so i cant really see how it effects me til the next tax seaaon.


I don’t know your specific tax situation or how you have your business structured but you should be doing better under Trump. Hopefully you have a tax guy guiding you through the complexity of sole proprietor business taxes. Little things like how you’re paying yourself vs business profits/losses can make big differences in your tax liability.


Some people complaining about the tax breaks are the same who complain they can’t afford to buy a house today, yet they have a brand new iPhone, they drink Starbucks by day and craft brews by night.

I think politics today have forced everyone to take one side and now they look to that sode to see how they should feel or think.

It should be common sense that more money in your pocket is a good thing, but for some reason people are looking for ways to see this as a bad thing, mainly because the Democrats put the fear of God in people and now they are forced to question things.

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Memo released:


So the memo that couldn’t be released because it would end national security wasn’t so bad :lol:



Not so good for the heads of the DOJ and FBI. Pretty damning what they knew about the dossier and what they withheld just so they could use it to get a FISA warrant.


One incredible part is they leaked to Yahoo news, then used the Yahoo news article as a basis for renewal of the warrant, lol.


Where’s Paulo?


Paulo should have watched Tucker tonight to witness the facts and the completely unhinged libtard guest esstentially accuse Tucker of working for Putin. Fox also showed a montage of all the fake news networks saying nothing but TRUMP BAD TRUMP BAD TRUMP BAD. They can say nothing because they just got caught lying for over a year. It is hilarious.

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The Dem party is over.

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The FISA courts COMPLETELY fucked Trump by not requiring need for renewal over and over and over.
How ironic that the people screaming about how bad Putin is are also scum of the Earth. Lol


They did though. It was renewed at least 7 times by my count.

What we need to see next are the affidavits that went to the court for those renewals so we’ll know how much they leaned on bad information… and what they left out.


can you dig up a link to the specific content you are referencing?



… It’s going to warp your brain though…


wow. what an interesting way of conflating issues to defend that memo.

is there any speculation as to what the DEM memo is going to say?

This is extremely messy but my goodness if it isnt necessary.

all of this nuance would be suppressed in most other governments. as hostile as this is i really think there is a possibility of answering procedural questions as far as how to properly deal with these kinds of conflicts in the future in a way that actually yields the best results.

certainly what the DEM’s have been essentially proven to have done with all of this is not even close to being a best case scenario.


This is an essential watch from yesterday:

From that interview, it sounds like the only person who actually read the affidavits (justification for the warrants) was Trey Gowdy & two staff members because that’s all the justice department would allow.

The only way for the Democrats to disprove what’s in the memo is to release the affidavits to the court.

This is the Dem response:

Notice it uses multiple times “Nunes didn’t read the materials” but doesn’t reference the reason why other than to infer he’s reckless. It also doesn’t mention which Democrats were able to read the affidavits and who would be in a position to prove their points.

What will likely happen is the Dem memo will be released without the affidavits backing it up, since that would take the justice department’s blessing. Dems will be able to claim they’ve countered the Republican memo without actually doing so.


People are mentioning random other Republicans involved in this and saying it can’t be a democrat vs republican thing…I think people forgot how many republicans didn’t like Trump.


Read it. honestly it sounds reasonable. I will read the DEM memo when it comes out too.


Got my maga money this week - $8!!!

I admit though, that $8 did bring my take home over what I consider a significant threshold, so there’s that…


That doesn’t seem right. Do you have manual adjustments to what you have taken out? At my company a manual adjustment locks in the calculation. Two years ago I had more withheld because I ended up paying in a significant amount each year. When everyone here started getting more money in their checks mine didn’t change so I checked with payroll and they said because of the adjustment I had made it basically locked mine and I would have to use the tax tables to decide what I wanted withheld now.