The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Are you having a discussion with me right now or with them? Because I didn’t attack you personally. I made a point that you ignored. Since we are on the topic of lies. You said you wanted to have discussions and learn why we believe what we believe. Clearly THAT was a lie.


You are displaying blatant bias. I’m not sure how much more of that I care to deal with.


So , there is no Russian collusion. Got it.

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Oh. Also this.


Yup, that part was fairly apparent. If a democrat did this people would lose their shit because they were playing politics with their livelihood.

As for how it gets funded. i dont know enough about medicare and medcaid to comment on that. I do believe that the FED can forever just keep printing USD without consequence because of US military and economic strength internationally.

I do believe that all of the cuts to regulations and no appointing people to the hundreds of positions in government will save hundreds of millions of dollars and there will be a partially offsetting increase in the tax base brought on by new investment (note APPL among others), wage increases and increased consumer spending because of tax savings.

I’ll start by saying I understand your thought process. However, I think you are WAY over estimating what not having appointees will save not to mention what problems it may cause by certain government functions not being maintained properly. As for regulations; the diminishing of regulations is not necessarily a good thing if it does damage to future potential and health. That’s a very complex topic.

Kicking the can down the road to future generations is a western-democratic, free-market pass time.

Unfortunate, but true. Just because we’ve been doing it doesn’t mean we should keep doing it.


Stock market tickers are on at least 1000 websites. (Oh wait that might be lie!!!)


@stuiephoto - For real, calm down a bit. I am willing to listen to anyone but your tone has been extremely partisan thus far. I could sit down with anyone in here talking about politics over a beer. Text tends to add a lot up to the imagination and when you hold a certain view a false persona is applied to people who don’t fit into it.

Many people in this thread tend to throw in a jab about democrats in 90% of their posts. That’s not the point of having a discussion at all. I don’t ask these questions because I hate republicans or democrats.

Let’s keep it productive and realize we’re all on the same team. :tup:


That’s Obama’s economy.

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How is saying the russia collusion investigation is a joke partisan? Then I need to calm down for quoting you?


Well, nevermind. :picard:


The impossible 3% that “his” economy is now achieving? LOL


It was revised to 5.4% actually. Still impossible without some kind of magic wand according to that last dipshit that was in office. Abracadabra motherfucker.


@JayS that’s the quarterly and I think @Blue_Eyed_Devil is referencing the annual.


hey i’m going to side with Paulo on this one. I don’t agree with being overly critical of Obama., or Trudeau for that matter. As much as I/we may disagree with some of their politics we’re all grown ups. We know how hard and undesirable those jobs are. It would really take a lot for me to be openly and consistently critical of someone who does something i could probably not do.

Obama performed well economically. Sure he inherited a recession and there was no where to go but up but he was not a disaster by any stretch as far as i can tell.

I find that pro-trump people are compelled to be to critical of Obama simply because he is seen as the opposite of Trump. I think you gents are smarter than that.


@bing - Apparently it’s ‘cool’ to shit on anything that has a hint of the democratic party. Tough to avoid but I’ve tried to cut through that for sake of discussion. It can’t be said enough; This isn’t an ‘Us vs Them’ situation.


It’s a fight. making it an ‘us vs them’ is how the media tries to sell the news to us. we cant escape it.


Sorry, but Obama was a terrible president. His foreign policy allowed ISIS to thrive, Iran and NK to advance their nuclear programs and his “red line” backdown showed the world we had no backbone. Economically the core of his policies were about punishing businesses, pushing junk eco regulations and rewarding the non-contributors to society. He had no problem jumping in with his, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” or criticizing the Cambridge police in the Gates arrest before any facts were in but had almost nothing to say as BLM was calling for dead cops. He fanned the flames of racial division far more than “racist Trump” ever has.

It isn’t any surprise that after a major shift in military tactics that Syria is now in line, ISIS has been decimated, and NK and SK are actually talking. It’s also no surprise that with a president who’s sole drive for this first year has been to reverse and delete every Obama policy he can that our economy is booming. Trump hasn’t done much to fix race relations other than put a whole lot of black people back to work, but that’s a hard problem to fix when the media is hell bent on keeping that racial divide going.

However you are right, it’s not an “us vs them” thing because we are all in this together. But when “they” are kicking and screaming all the way to 2018 about how we need to go back to their failed policies it’s ignorant not to point out their problems.


Got my MAGA money today. Between my wife and I its pretty significant.




Like I could buy a low to mid $20k car and cover the payment.


It’s just crumbs. /NancyPelosi


So far I’m REALLY impressed with the results on the tax bill. I need to wait until i get paid later this month to see how it affects my paycheck.

It’s times like this when the partisan politics show their colors more than ever. If you can’t swallow your pride and admit that it’s a good thing that paychecks are going up and that some really solid bonuses are being paid out, then it just goes to show that you’re a “sore loser”.