The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


IMO Trumps base is even more energized than ever and people will vote to empower him even if that means crossing their typical party lines.
Small sample size but my circle of friends was a mixed bag before the election and now nearly all support Trumps performance even they don’t agree with how he handles himself sometimes. What @bing stated resonates through my circle of friends. Watching my paycheck get bigger and my retirement money grow trumps all else.

As far as signs pointing to anything I think the problem with polls is that they are inherently flawed. Beliefs and convictions make some groups more likely to want to participate in them than others, skewing actual results. That’s why Trump winning was such a surprise. Media though they were getting a good sample of what the american population was going to do without considering that someone like myself is never going to answer a survey or poll.


Handful, lol. Dude, you are out in left field, way out. There’s tons of companies that are going to be investing into their employees, and some of the companies are gigantic. Not all of them made the front page news. We are hiring 16 more full-time positions this year which is unheard of. We typically promote 4-8. That’s just our Buffalo hub which is average, and there are 1000+ hubs in the USA. We went to mandatory 6 days a week in Nov-Dec, and can basically have as much OT as we want to. The next 7 years are going to be amazing.

“UPS strongly believes the lower corporate tax rate will expand U.S. GDP, which increases our customers’ businesses activities. This economic growth will raise demand for UPS services and we look forward to helping our customers take full advantage of this opportunity. The company is in the process of a multi-year capital investment program to implement the Global Smart Logistics Network of the future, which will increase capacity and enhance operating efficiency. With the additional resources from tax reform UPS will expand and accelerate investments in our people, technology, transportation fleets, facilities and value-generating customer services, which will further stimulate job creation. Tax savings, combined with UPS’s strong return on invested capital will result in additional value for UPS customers, shareowners and employees. We applaud passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the President’s signature, and look forward to full implementation of the Bill


My wife and I got our Trump tax cut increases in our checks (mine last week, her’s this week). Everyone I’ve talked to at my office who hates Trump (which is only about 20% of my office) was surprised how much they got considering how the #FakeNews has been telling them it was a tax cut for the rich. I suggested they donate their windfall to the DNC since they hated Trump so much. Surprisingly no one said they would.


So now the memo was “altered” and both sides are arguing about what the changes were.

This is 2018. That should be a simple score to settle, but STILL we just see a partisan pissing match.


Interesting. It makes me wonder if our area (WNY) has been moving in a different direction from the rest of the country. The signs that I’m referring to aren’t poll results, they’re election results. Democrats are seeing great turnouts in all sorts of elections and stealing seats that they normally wouldn’t. One example. Virginia voted in a democratic governor. Which is not terribly surprising, but still odd to see him win by so much. The really surprising part was Virginia House of Delegates election where Democrats gained 15 SEATS. That’s a very unexpected swing.

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That’s awesome. :tup: I’m not sure why you feel the need to be combative, I was a strong proponent of the corporate tax rate getting slashed. I do think that it will help grow business but I’m still skeptical about the effect on the middle class vs what we’ll lose via government spending. Does that make sense?

Believe it or not, it’s possible to support one part of a huge legislative change while questioning others.


@Paulo state and local elections are different animals from federal elections. A lot of media / pundits love to “read the tea leaves” of state and local elections and make assumptions about the broader direction of the country, but it’s no better than guessing.


Paulo you are actively trying to minimize or marginalize the tax bill which is why you feel that way. ‘working class’ and ‘corporations’ is identity politics meant to generally classify people as not being a part of those groups. All of us here are the working 1%. We have an internet connection, own homes, have jobs and cars etc.

‘working class’ doesn’t really mean anything since we all work. And we all also work for or own corporations.

The tax cut helps literally almost everyone.

Any counter-point should point out specifics of people who are not going to benefit. chances are if they are not going to benefit it’s because they don’t work. the only people who don’t work who i actually feel bad for would be people with genuine disabilities or circumstance that want to work but can’t. everyone else can go cry in the corner.

I have family in Cali and a few close friends outside of WNY and the tax bill is huge for them. I have a buddy i grew up with living in CO who is going to save $9k-ish on his taxes every year for 8 years… that is pretty much life-changing… like getting a whole every year of income sprinkled over a few years with young kids at home and a wife working just 1 or 2 days a week.

Trump for Life.


You want lies? Trump has publicly told 2140 lies in his first year in office. He’s not only the biggest liar in the country, but he’s not even good at it.

#fakenews Link Just wanted to provide some context for people going through the thread.

By being a republican? :lol:

@bing - I can see why it looks like I’m trying to marginalize it. I just have grave concerns about certain aspects. For example, the huge increase in deficit that this will create will, without a doubt, need to made up for. Paul Ryan has already signaled that this would likely mean cuts to medicare. Where is the logic in that? Why did they just add $1.5 trillion to the deficit while simultaneously asking for more defense budget and touting a $1 trillion infrastructure pipe dream? I wish I could connect the dots, I really do. However, I’m not going to start chanting maga over the temporary individual tax cuts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good thing, but the biggest tax reform since Reagan doesn’t seem to have it’s sights set down the road.

One major thing that I was confused by was the temporary individual rate vs the permanent corporate rate. The reason the individual rate sunsets was in order to stay below the $1.5 trillion threshold to actually be allowed to vote on it. Why couldn’t they live with a slightly higher corporate tax rate in order to ensure the individual rate was permanent? Shit, it came down 16%. Corporations would have been ecstatic to get it at 25% or even high 20s, no?


The biggest lie is having an Indonesian Passport and then becoming President of The USA illegally.

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Obama makes Trump look like an angel.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. :biglol:

Here’s a fresh one for you. Even Fox News had to correct him.


Talk about something I care about like my bigly growing bank account with Trump Making America Great Again. I don’t give a rat’s ass about who the fuck watched his speech, they don’t pay my bills.

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Obama was the biggest fraud and failure, end of story.


Hard to deny all that proof you bring to the table.


That list of lies is hilarious. It’s more like “it’s debatable if Trump really was the cause of this. Foxconn had plans to do this back in 2014 but the plan fizzled out”.

It also says Russian collusion is real. Which it’s not.


^^Have you been living under a rock?


If you guys really think Trump isn’t constantly lying, there is no logic in the world that will bring you out of that delusional state. There’s seriously something wrong with your ability to objectively view information.

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Have you received information through anything other than Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson?


Did you read the strozk texts? Those are the high level officials who were investigating, who said they have nothing. If they had ANY proof, it 100% would have leaked by now.


This should get hilarious.

Provide observable evidence of Trump being a constant liar, redcaps be like:

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I bet that you’re a flat earther.


That’s what I thought. Typical liberal response of resorting to personal attacks when they have no legit response. The russia investigstion is on the cusp of being blown off the hinges. Now would be the time that PROOF would be leaked. But there is none. There never was.


Have you just joined this thread or something? You must have missed the constant personal attacks coming from your redcap homeboys.


There is a lot to be said on both paragraphs of your quote here.

With regard to the timing (permanent vs. expiring) i believe it was set up that way to be a campaign issue down the road at the next Presidential election. It basically ensures that the huge tax cuts will support the next REP candidate and force the DEM candidate to either commit to extending them or calling them crumbs. In that sense it was strategic.

As for how it gets funded. i dont know enough about medicare and medcaid to comment on that. I do believe that the FED can forever just keep printing USD without consequence because of US military and economic strength internationally.

I also believe that all of the cuts to regulations and no appointing people to the hundreds of positions in government will save hundreds of millions of dollars and there will be a partially offsetting increase in the tax base brought on by new investment (note APPL among others), wage increases and increased consumer spending because of tax savings.

Kicking the can down the road to future generations is a western-democratic, free-market pass time.