The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


First SOTU i’ve watched to literally bring tears to my eyes. Never been more proud to be an american.


Grand slam last night. The Dems are done. This next election could be the biggest swing in US political history. I mean seriously what American wants to be aligned with those jackasses?

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If every pink haired SJW in this country voted it would still be a slaughter. They are completely unhinged.


Wasn’t being negative. Just…

…this. That’s all.

I thought he did just fine. :gotme:


That seemed pretty extreme. I don’t remember Reps sitting without clapping that much at Obama’s SOTU but I could be wrong. I mean booing when the victims of MS13 are in the room? Cold, very cold.

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If the President of the USA disses MS13, I can’t think of an instance where booing him is appropriate.


To be fair, during one of Obama’s state of the union speeches a Republican yelled “you lie.”

Dissent during the speech isn’t uncommon, but it doesn’t play out well politically for the individuals who do it.


He did lie though. lol
1 guy Yelling 2 true words is not the same as what they did though. imho.


Also, the MS13 booing was a setup by a guy who has spent his life setting up moments for the camera. He brings up illegals and MS13, which he knew would illicit a reaction from the dems, then dropped the MS13 vicitims in there so it made the dems look like huge assholes. Well played.

Trump did great but a SOTU doesn’t win elections. I’m far more excited for the right’s 2018 prospects based on a booming economy, massive US investment and people seeing more take home pay as a result of the tax cuts than any speech that will be forgotten by next week.


i’m hopeful for the 2018 elections but wouldnt it be out of the norm for the GOP to actually gain seats?

aren’t the mid-terms typically a balancing of power rather than a strengthening of power?

i agree that given the results this president has had that it should create strong momentum. i’m mostly asking for historical context.


Historically yes, 2018 should be good for the left since the last couple elections have gone to the right. I just have serious doubts about their “fuck Trump/social justice” platform. Every election we talk about how winning over the far left or the far right doesn’t matter because the election comes down to swaying the independent voter.

So what does that leave them to run on other than #NotTrump ?
Muh RUSSIA? The upcoming memo drop is going to blow that one up right in the left’s face.
Tax cuts were for the rich? By 2018 almost everyone will have spent almost a year looking at more take home pay in their checks and a bunch of people will have received raises and bonuses their companies are saying are a direct result of the tax cuts so good luck with that.
Dreamers? Sure sounds like Trump and Co are willing to compromise there. Once you take away the dreamers that have overwhelming support other than the far left the country is pro strong borders.
Trump is a racist/sexist/unstable/McDonalds junkie who likes 2 scoops of ice cream? Besides being #FakeNews does anyone really even care if the country is doing great?

Seriously, how do you run on, “The country is doing awesome and our plan is to undo everything Trump has done”.


Off topic but… Who was not there last night? Who was chosen to run the country if the capital building collapsed? Bill Bennett said he was chosen twice and flown to Albuquerque.


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue




So the guy who supplies chicken wings? NICE! Thank God he was safe. :smiley:


They clearly didn’t watch “designated survivor” the show. Terrible idea to choose this person to run the country if something were to happen. Lol


I don’t have much time to get into the details right now, but there are a lot of signs pointing to growth of the democratic party and it’s mostly because of Trump. There are a good number of republicans that don’t support Trump because of his antics. Obviously, not many are jumping the republican ship, but with so much controversy it has energized the democratic base much in the way that Donald energized his base before the 2016 election.

What’s making you guys think that this isn’t the case?


i honestly believe that most people have never lived through a tax cut like what has just happened. clearly US businesses are happy with it and are sharing the wealth through bonuses, wage increases and new hiring.

i believe people vote their pocket book and that the biggest tax reform in our lifetimes will literally buy votes.


I’d be curious to see how many republicans swing back right now that tax cuts are happening, jobs are growing and Trump us winning small battles. I’m calling bullshit that his antics will cost them any seats, you’d have to be an idiot to look past the things that are happening from decisions he made so far, just to be upset about words he said and shit that was brought up from years and years ago.

Suddenly, a porn star is the left’s moral compass, because it conveniently makes Trump look bad. Give me a break.

The left’s temper tantrum last night will definitely not sit well with people, but who knows maybe they will forget about it when the election rolls around.

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People judge Trump way too much on his public speaking versus his actual policies. Imagine if Ben Shapiro or Milo were to do his speeches for him. You’d have far less triggered people, although the policies would be the same.


Hopefully wheb the memo gets released the rabbit hole gets deeper and people go to jail.


US businesses sure are happy. There are a handful of companies announcing bonuses and whatnot but seriously, the lion’s share is NOT going to the working class. I have yet to see evidence of the contrary so it’s disconcerting to see so many people boasting about the tax bill for that reason.

i believe people vote their pocket book and that the biggest tax reform in our lifetimes will literally buy votes.

That doesn’t appear to be the case. That’s not my own feeling but based on results around the country. Also keep in mind that this tax reform is a windfall for corporations, not the typical voter.

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People still think the memo is going to change something, huh?

Every intelligence agency in the country collectively agrees that there are ties between Trump and Russia and it’s fake news.

Devin Nunes doodles on a fucking napkin and that’s going to bring down the DOJ. :lol: