theft @ KS auto FYI

someone stole some blinging 26" wheels off a caddy, also took parts of the radio i believe…and also the gauges in the car

too bad they were stupid, the money is under the hood :bloated:

if anyone knows anything please let me know… the police have already came out and fingerprinted everything on the car, took the lugnuts for prints, and a bunch of other stuff

damn dude… that blows

btw, you gotta check the new 26" wheels on the goat :smiley:

guess someone forgot to set the alarm, those caddy wheels didn’t come off that easy, those are some huge ass wheels. There is ALOT of money in that store, someone knew what was in there, and decided they wanted those wheels. Any smart person would of gone for the new goods. I’ll keep a lookout, those wheels will stand out for sure.

wow. no shit. Thats fucked up.:shoot:
Im sure some stupid kid will rock em’ this year.

:shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:

actually… got any pics of the wheels? like said, should stick out like a sore thumb


The whole finger print thing is BS. When the stuff at SCAP got jacked, they got BLOOD and prints, not a dam word on that one. Let be honest, some caddys bling wheels fall pretty low on polices I give a shit scale.

no they didn’t get into the store, the car was outside overnight, it had an electrical fire form the system

hmm let me see if i have a pic of the wheels…

The thing with finger prints is its a false hope. If someone doesn’t have a criminal record, the prints wont match anything.

Good luck with getting your stuff back tho man. Sucks to see this shit happen. Post your pics all over and hopefully someone can identify them.

eh its not my stuff, so no skin off my back there…and i looked for pics, cant find em oh well

I can’t believe they even took fingerprints. Must be a slow week for the Tonawanda PD.

q: is the shop responsible or the owner has to claim it thru his own insurance?? how does that work??

:mamoru: whoops! :mamoru: Ahem. Yeah, crooks suck.

I think I figured out why they took prints. I smell insurance scam.

Go steal your own wheels (should be easy, you can turn off the alarm). Get insurance check for new rims. Cash check, slap your rims back on, profit.

I’ve never seen the cops do fingerprinting for simple theft.

well there’s a few ideas they are tossing around, we’ll see what happens

i dont think it was the owner though, why would they carve up the bondo on the trunk to try and get in it, and they never made it in lol

that is gayness

Thats genius!!!

well i’ll say this… If they decide to put them on they won’t be rolling on them for long… as far as im aware their’s only 2 sets in the area of 26’s… ones on a black for expedition… and the others on my friends blue caddy escalade, which i really hope wasn’t his rims that got stolen… I put both sets on at my work. The expo is a buffalo bills players truck. The other is my friend jeffs caddy. please tell me it wasn’t his truck.

Didn’t realize they damaged the car in the process.

Just seems pretty strange for the police to bust out the CSI tactics over someone’s bling rims.


you should wake up and get out the burbs more often … I see at least 1 set a week …

you should take a ride down Bailey once or twice … or at least by fox tire