Ticket questions! Dumbass Cop Careless Driving, Improper Exhaust

Sorry for the length, but I need to provide the story for you guys to completely understand my dilemma.

Alright, so yesterday on the 410 and derry I got pulled over (a surprise to me because I simply had lane changed to get to the derry exit and wasn’t doing over 100 for sure cruise control ftw) for careless driving and an improper exhaust.

Careless Driving: Heres the scoop on this ticket. I was directed by a friend to get in front previously cause I knew where the exit was. Up to this point I couldn’t change lanes because it was 6:00 and rush hour was still pretty heavy (where its constant but still busy as hell) so I had to quickly change finally to make sure I got to the right exit. It was either a) SAFELY (though admittably somewhat improper) pull in front of another car I was already ahead of or b) brake to about 60 before I reach the end of the line of cars in the right lane and possibly cause an accident or just unnecessary congestion. I chose a) as I’m sure most people would.

As I went to change lanes, my idiot buddy (who has said they’ll come to court to say that they didnt properly check to make sure the lane was clear of other cars/cars lane changing) decides to change lanes without checking his mirrors or blind spot. At this point I’m already half into the lane and was paying attention to make sure he noticed. He didnt’, so to avoid an accident (as there was a car in my previous spot, one of those losers who tailgates you, then you change lanes and they tailgate the next dude, and IIIIIII get the careless driving…) I dropped into 4th to speed up as I had nowhere else to go. There was also a slow moving rig in front of me so I had to change back to my original lane now that I was in front of the cars that were previously there. I then slowed down, began to change lanes as per my original plan, and low and behold, undercover OPP is swerving behind me to pull me over.

So thats the happenings prior to the charges. He gets out of his cruiser, and he’s one of those stupid fucking asshole cops that won’t listen to you and just want to fuck you over.

I was heading to my prom with my girlfriend who was elaborately dressed. He starts yelling at me, asking me what I thought of my driving. I was starting to explain and answer his question “What do you mean?” I asked, and he angrily said “nevermind about it” and huffed. I asked that question because I was wondering what I did ILLEGALLY.

He asks me to move in front of his car (why he pulled in front of me in the first place I don’t know) and asks for all the papers.

I’m running a 10-day so I don’t have plates and he checks it to make sure it’s valid (it is). He comes back with the ownership and insurance and says in a VERY (no exaggeration) condescending, convicting tone:

“This isn’t your car, who’s is it?”

“My grandfather’s, sir.”

“Who’s (name here)?”

“… My grandfather, sir?”


Goes back to his car, and procedes to make a further idiot of himself.

“Who is (name here)?” (Both my grandparents names are on the insurance)

“My grandfathers wife, sir.”

“And who is that to you?” <---- LOL!!!

“… My grandmother, sir…”

So at this point I know he’s just trying to screw me over somehow so he can further write bogus tickets.

He goes back to his car and brings back two tickets. One for careless driving, and one for an improper exhaust. (3" cat-back, not straight pipe or anything illegal, simplemind7 can verify this).

Then comes this conversation:

“Here are your documents, and here are two tickets, one is for improper exhaust”

“Sir, I know the person who was in the Altima, I’ll be bringing him as a witness to court, he’ll completely admit to his fault”

NOW, Mr. Tough Cop isn’t talking so tough anymore, starts hesitating, and stuttering.

“W-W-W-W-Well what does that mean to me?”

“Well I’ll be seeing to a court date”

“O…kay… T-T-T-T-Take it to court”

Keep in mind he failed to mention the careless driving ticket. At this point he’s already walking back to his car, IGNORING me.

“Officer, I noticed that there’s a careless driving ticket” and I’m yelling this as he walks to his car.

“What did I do carelessly?”

He ignores me.

Don’t I have a right to those answers after being served a ticket for the offense?

Why didn’t he want to answer me and why did he fail to mention the careless driving ticket, which is the major offense at hand?

Why did he become defensive and apprehensive once I told him about my witness friend?

And why the hell am I getting an improper exhaust ticket?

What can I do in court? What chances do I have?

Sorry for the length, but if you read it you’ll know that it’s all relevant and necessary information.

Thanks guys, I’m pissed as hell. LOL.


Holy long post buddy…lol, good luck at court

Thats my exhaust right? Dude, i had a feeling it would get you into trouble, other then that, good luck with court, most likely he wont show up, and if he does, you will probably get the “careless driving” ticket dropped, no points and a 50$ fee.

ok considering i read the story right… this is my opinion.

if i was a cop and i saw you begin to change lanes… then see you driving half way into the next lane and hear your cars exhaust roar as you speed up just to change back into the lane you were just in… i would probably think you were trying to scoot between two cars (like bikes do sometimes) or i might think that you were changing without checking and noticed another car… so you swerved back to your original lane…just to seconds later change back and over to get to the exit… it does sound rather careless…

if i were you i wouldve chosen C)… let off the gas (not brake to 60kmh! who does that?) let off the gas and let the next car go by then change lanes… or better still… since it is 6:00 rush hour, knowing how ‘busy as hell’ it is, and knowing that the exit is coming up… i wouldve been in the exit lane long before i have to exit!

so if the cop shows up hes gonna say he saw you change back and forth from lane 1 to lane 2, back to lane 1… then eventually back to lane 2, and 3 (exit lane) that sounds like swerving through traffic and then cutting across 2 lanes to exit… kinda careles… as for the exhaust ticket dont worry about that one… if its a legit exhaust you have nothing to hide.

and now about the conversation you had… cops although they sound stupid asking the same thing over and over, they do that to test your coherance… in case youve been drinking… (which would be my first impression after seeing you swerve lanes like you did)

I knew what the exit was, but I thought it was further away, hence being in the wrong lane come the exit… and letting off the gas would have worked if I had the distance, but I was almost right on top of the exit, so letting off the gas to let 15-20 cars pass by wouldn’t have worked.

hey any demerit points taken off or just $$??

some cops are asses for sures. guy i know got 3 tickets in one shot (1 for no ownership, 1 for “noise”, 1 for improper exhaust) and he’s bringin it to court wit a traffic lawyer just in case he messes up himself.

www.ontariotraffictickets.com might help if u’re willin to pay for a better chance to drop tickets. XCoppers went bankrupt

damm kids and their street racing

Fight the tickets!

He was just grumpy and tired and didn’t see the whole picture assuming you’re a street racer…

IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer)

Be sure to represent yourself professionally, dress in a suit and tie?

Have your witnesses dress in a suit & tie?

Get evidence from an accredited shop and have them state that the exhaust is proper and there is a muffler, etc. (I don’t know if this will work)

sometimes the cops will give you bogus tickets with the hope you will just pay them… There is also a chance the cop realizes careless is a little much and will not submit it…

careless is what 6 points… and %50 insurance surcharge.,…

I would have sat in the lane for up to 2 minutes with signal on before I started cutting people off hardcore…

I didn’t really cut people off “hardcore” though… I think he’s basing it on the OTHER dude (which I know personally) who admittably didn’t even check to see if the lane was free, and I had to speed up to avoid an accident at 100km/h.

There were AT LEAST a half length if not 3 quarters of a car length between me and the car I was pulling in front of.

I was talking to my buddy that pulled over with me to witness, and he said the cop was three or four car lengths behind HIM, and he was about 3 or four car lengths behind ME, and he said he couldn’t even see my car, just hear it.

Theres just something overly fishy about this situation.

I’ll be heading to a lawyer today.

Thanks for the suggestions, and more are welcome.

the problem with him not showing up…new law the jp can only drop the price the cop that pulled you over has to agree to droping your demarit points.

That has no relevance to his ticket, nor is that completely correct.

A ticket CAN be dropped even without the officers discresion, aswell as a price reduction. The only thrown the officer holds is to protest against it, and verify his evidence.

cops have to show up for court now.

if some chick i saw ran a red and t-boned some guy, went to court and said i dident know you had to stop for a red…

gets off with no points and 80 dollar fine, you can get off the careless.

hes worryed because you have a witness that can say that it wasent your fult. then its the cops word against yours.

judges are NOT dumb. when i went to court for my ticket he was reeeeeeeeeaming out a cop HARD for giving to many stupid tickets. they know some cops are out to charge everyone with 50+, stunting, and careless. there well aware of it. and they know that the ticket is proble BS.

take it to court, go with you and ur buddy, the chick and the other “guy in the alti” and tell the dude what happend. youll get off np. dont waste money on X-Copper and shit.