Ticking sound. (92' 240SX, KA24DE)

I’m scared.
I JUST got this car about two days ago.
I love it.

Been driving it non-stop.
However, I’ve noticed I hear a ticking noise.

I can’t imagine it being anything drastic.
Checked the oil, it’s at the full mark on the dipstick.
My friend Blair asked if it was a rod knockin’, but I can’t imagine it seeing how the ticking isn’t all that loud.

What else could it be?
I just don’t want it to progress as I drive the car, I’d like to see if I could handle it and get back to knowing my car is in awesome health.

Help me you geniuses.

If anyone is willing to take a look at it, give me a call. 403.797.4578

I am driving into Calgary around 5:00.

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