Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)


These are other paintings done by the same “artist” who painted for the Obama’s.

Just remember folks, it’s only racist if you’re white.

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^ Another great example of memes being the only true source of news. Imagine if Bush would have picked an artist that previously painted blacks being decapitated. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to dig around the meme stream and .uk news sites to find out about it.


Wow. This is one of the dumbest things you’ve posted, and that’s not an easy thing to compete with.

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two things;. I agree with @JayS about memes being the best source of truth… and second… @Paulo, that stack of memes shows your memes are getting better. i applaud your efforts here.


I mean come on, how is Obama using an artist who literally painted black women decapitating white women not even MENTIONED in the MSM? Can you imagine the outrage in the MSM if Trump has his portrait done by someone with art depicting whites doing the same to blacks?


Memes are the definition of bias. Perhaps you let yourself come across too much CNN/Fox/MSNBC.


Just because something is biased, does not mean it is bending the truth. While plenty of memes are made up for the lulz, the one being referenced is based on fact.


@Paulo By you dismissing a meme and it’s content based solely on the fact that you think it’s a meme, is in fact a slanted opinion.

The artist at hand here, painted black women decapitating white women just a few years ago and the only way people know that is because memes were created and people did their own homework. The news didn’t cover it and they still won’t, because it doesn’t go with the ‘Trump is a bad man’ agenda that they push on a daily basis.

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Almost every time Josh posts a batch there’s one where I go, “wow, is that true?”. Then you search and find yep, it is true, but it’s not being covered by the MSM at all. I really didn’t think the artist stuff could be true since it got zero coverage but yep, it was.


Oh, don’t misunderstand. I’m not arguing against any specific meme, or even saying that they are bad or aren’t truthful in general. But to think memes are a good place to get news and form an opinion is batshit crazy.


How did Michelle Obama’s arm flab antennas not pick up on the fact that the artist painted those? You would think that would’ve came up in discussion at SOME point with basic research. I mean hell, even I do a little research before I go to a restaurant or bar just to see what people say and check search results.







There are obviously a lot of memes surrounding the recent shooting. Some are funny. Most are not. When people try to use these events for political points, it’s pathetic. When people take something like this and find a reason to bash ‘the other side’ for their views, it’s pathetic. Making light of it to make fun of people that don’t share your views is classless AF. I would rather push those things aside for the sake of reasonable discourse.

This thread isn’t the place for yet another gun debate but I’d be curious to hear what people think in the other one.

Edit - I had posted a single meme that showed Trump’s tweet about mental health and the story from last February where they repealed the law that did checks on gun purchases by people with mental illness, but it’s not even worth posting that. I don’t want it to look like I think that law would have stopped this from happening. Chances are, it wouldn’t have.

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