Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)




lol love the last one





@Onyx Z32 must be busy and pretty soon I’m going to have to wade through /r/thedonald myself for my meme fix. This makes me sad. :frowning:

EDIT: Damn this must take a lot of his time.

EDIT2: I linked a whole bunch and NYSpeed just lost them. I guess it doesn’t like it when you use the right click, copy image source directly from reddit. The only one I got was linked to imgur.


Busy week @JayS!

Some of the memes have been getting stale recently. I’m going to try to keep them spicy.


Idk if it was posted but this is awesome.






jesus some of those are serioustown.


I couldn’t find that salty bitch trump shirt for sale, I wanna rock that on the 4th, while i drive the viper down the parade route with two american flags sticking out of windows.



The Oscars ones exceeded my daily allowance for sodium intake.


i cant wait for the ratings to come out at the lowest in years.


Oscars Early Ratings Tank, Show Sinks 16 Percent From Last Year


How did Kimmel, a guy who’s Man Show paid women to jump on trampolines in their underwear, become the voice of left?