Turbo diagnostic help

Turbo diagnostic
how does this look? looks not good to me.
below is how it was I believe. (next to it is one of my Vortech V5’s)
I hope this is not too small. I only want to push 8 psi or now.
I am worried about the oil residue on the inside of the cold side.

I do not want to waste time if it is bad.

looks like either oil was poured into the cold side or the seal is shot

My vote goes to shot seal. May have to do with high oil pressure to the turbo though. That was covered in another thread recently.

i have a turbo fresh off a saab 2.0 50$

eh. You can probably use it but it’s going to smoke. What brand/size turbo is it?

EDIT: n/m i see it’s a 3K. Since it’s probably a stock unit, i’d pass and get another one on the cheap.

It is a 3k going on my 930. I am putting 2 on.