Turbo Stud to bolt conversion

I’ve been doing a whole load of work on my car this weekend. Replacing my turbo to manifold gasket tonite. The gasket is virtually completely gone. Didn’t even dawn on me that the previous owner never replaced the stud in the manifold with a bolt. So now, in order to pull the gasket, I need to pull the whole turbo. This is something I really do not want to do.

I know there is a way to get everything out without pulling the turbo completely from the car.

I guess my problem is, what can I do about a bolt to replace that stud when all the dealers themselves are closed on Sundays and I wont be around tomorrow?

Help me!

Hectors hardware

hectors doesnt have long enough bolts

can you double nut the stud and back it out as if its a bolt ? ?

lol@ double nut a stud.

BTW - you could get some threaded stock from Hectors, and double nut it before you put it on.

^ he’s trying to eliminate the stud completely so getting threaded stock wouldn’t help him in that case.

The best way to get it off is to double nut it and use heat, it should come right out.

I would use the dealership bolts myself… I think they’re grade 8 or something like that.

for a moment i was sitting here goin “whats funny about that?”

if you cant find a bolt that fits, come over to my house, well back the stud out some, run the nut down farther and weld the nut to the stud …

not the best replacement for a bolt, but then u can swap it at your leisure