UAW on strike, version 2023

For the 2nd time in 2 weeks UAW has gone on strike.

NEW YORK ( – More than 31,000 members of the United Auto Workers union struck Chrysler LLC Wednesday morning, after marathon labor talks between the union and the money-losing automaker failed to avert the industry’s second strike in two weeks.

This should be a lot more interesting than the GM strike considering that Cerberus, the new owner of Chrysler, has made it’s business buying failing companies and turning them around. If they can’t reach a deal that makes the company profitable they’ll simply shut it down.

woot, dodge clearance…

Shut the shit down.

no shit… I would honestly LOVE to see that. You’d see the union backpedal pretty fast I’d imagine

yeah, that’d make my day

+1 just what needs to happen…

Burn it to the ground.

haha, no shit.

100% and hopefully GM and Ford threaten to follow. F the UAW. More than likely if that happened though, they’d strike GM and Ford and force them to pick up those 31,000 workers that got dropped from Chrysler and Chrysler would become profitable and GM and Ford’s US divisions would go under.

they shouldn’t/won’t shut down… they will just hire replacement workers that are actually willing to (god forbid) work.

If they go bust I’m going to laugh at these people who just bought “lifetime warranty” Chrysler vehicles. A lifetime is pretty short if you close your doors 6 months after offering a lifetime warranty.

that’s the risk you take, doing business - you never know if ANY company is going to go under… things people should think of before a purchase.

they aren’t going “bust”

they already said if the UAW didn’t agree with their offers they would just move production over seas.

the company is fine, and i am willing to bet they post record profits in a year or two

I would seriously consider working at the GM plant for like $15/hr as a second job. No benefits, no vacation time. If they started taking applications, I would apply.

I used have to go there and work on the automated machines, I’ve seen what they do all day, it’s cake. I would be more productive than them and cost like 1/4 as much.

Then I’d take the money and go buy a new evo :slight_smile:

Cerebus should do a lockout, provided they have the inventory.

Just be like, umm OK, fine, we dont need you for 2 months. Well call you when we need you agian. Kthnxbai

UAW is making lives miserable for more people than they think. Look at all of the companies that supply auto parts that will now have to lay off THEIR workforce because most of their production is based on auto companies.

I hope this ends quick, and in favor of the auto makers.

I love this. I was almost ready a month ago to sign the papers, ordering a Jeep Wrangler. The dealer told me back then that there was a 3 month lead time. I’m really glad I got a Chevy instead. Oh yea, screw the union too.

all this uaw crap is just pissing me off because all they are doing is hurting themselves and everyone around them and they don’t even care!!!


F all unions.