Umm, this is a fast MR2......

Holy poop is all I could think of at the moment.

Kind of dumb, yet insanely cool at the same time. Sean’s got some mid-engine comp. now…


Thats what they should have used in back to the future.

holy fuckkk

i want one

id def put lambo doors on it, and paint it steel gray…

bitches would love it…

wow, how cool, yet useless…

Not entirely useless.

think that will pass a sniffer test?



Yea…I would like to see that thing go!


lol that is pretty neat.


I think it would melt the sniffer

thats actually really funny

i think its fucking rad. its so clean!

I don’t get who would say waste of money. This was obviously built for a purpose. TO GO REALLY REALLY FAST. At a place like Bonneville. Which it did. At near 190 mph before it almost took off.

I think they achieved what they were going for.

What car ISN’T a waste of money, I mean honestly. They’re not investments. They’re toys/transporation.

i wonder how far you can drive it before it runs outta gas… here to see Video


Man, that guy is just obsessed with his jet turbine cars… this is at least the third one I’ve seen that he’s built.

good for shows and thats about it