Under 6g's, 30 MPG+ highway, fun to drive, AWD

Does anything fit the bill? Stage 2 B5 1.8T A4 maybe? Worried about reliability but I doubt the V6 A4’s get 30MPG’s. Maybe a 2.5RS? Looking for real world experience, not just numbers from random people reading owners manuals. Fun to drive to me means nimble and preferably the ability to run somewhere in the 14’s in the quarter at least.

You’ll struggle to find anything AWD in 14’s with 30+ mpg.

Go down to mid 20’s MPG and get a WRX.

There’s a niceee white WRX wagon on CL that comes close to what you want

I wouldnt care so much about gas mileage if I didnt drive 40k+ miles a year. It doesnt have to run 14’s I suppose but a useable powerband for daily driving would be nice.

Why only awd? that really limits your options if you want somethig quick, good on gas, and reliable for under 6k

I think you’re searching for a unicorn.

I do traveling sales into new england and all of upstate NY. So even though we got a mild winter this past year I have been caught in some pretty bad snow storms in the past 3-4 hours from home and having AWD sure would be nice. I could finance something and significantly increase my budget but I put so many miles on a car a year it just seems smarter to pay for something out of pocket and basically drive it until it dies. And my current car is about to die :lol

Yea it seems that way to an extent. A WRX can be had for under 6k these days but I think at that price it would have to be a pretty beat WRX. I think a 1.8T A4 that has been well maintained would be my best option but reliability really worries me with those. I wish the V6 version got better gas mileage.

Look at the wrx wagon on cl… great condition with mild upgrades. Higher mileage though. Its $5500 obo. You do nottt want a 1.8t a4

Thanks LK but Im not a wagon guy.

Im seeing people saying they are getting 30 on the highway with B5 V6’s, that cant be right can it? Maybe if they are driving 50.

Don’t look at VW/Audi under $6k if you’re going to be putting very high miles on.

If you want MPG and reliability but want to sacrifice AWD, try to find a TDI and get snows on it for the winter.

Otherwise your best bet is likely some sort of WRX, or maybe even a Volvo, or increase the price range.

I might have a car near your price range that fits the bill, shoot me a pm

I wont be ready to buy for another 6-8 weeks probably if not longer. Have to unload my Maxima first which could be interesting.


5 years from now.

A4 quatro 1.8T will struggle to see 30mpg. more like 25.

If it were a big turbo it might, becasue it wont spool every time you hit the cruise control up a click to pass someone.

Get a used Audi TT225 6 speed thats stock not beat to shit.
-1.8t good motor, flash tune it, exhaust, intake and be done with it.
-6 speed great transmission
-better mpg than the A4, but not by much.
-lighter, smaller, more nimble.
-18’s stock, great suspension stock too
-drop in IE rods, and put a 28R or a 3071 on it, 15psi and it will move out, get better MPGs, and be plenty safe & reliable.

just buy another 93-01 subaru impreza

I hate the older TT’s, im sure they are pretty fun to drive though.

That thing got well over 30mpg it seemed like, but it was the slowest car ive ever owned by far.

get a civic wagovan and turbo it i guess…jesus christ.

Maybe Ill just drive a tank around

I can’t think of anything reliable with that criteria. :rofl

Actually with that criteria this fits it perfect being technically “AWD”


Good mpg, fun to drive and 14’s in the 1/4 at least :rofl