Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Question?

Alright, I did my Valve Cover Gasket along with ym timing belt. Now the car is making a very loud hissing noise. Almost like a vacuum leak. The car still drives great, but there seems to be oil leaking out the valve cover.

Does the gasket need to heat up and bond? Or did I do something wrong?

usually no, just make sure all surfaces are very very very clean and torque the bolts down exactly as speced.

if its leaking its loose or warped.

Hmmm. I torqued everything down to spec, and everything was clean. The gasket didn’t leak like this before ever, and the motor is in tip top shape.

hows the car clark, did the turbo to mani gasket help?

Bah, I rushed thru things and forgot a handful of things. My altenator tensioner, forgot to tighten the one bolt. The clamp for the PCV valve, forgot to put that on, so oil blew all over the back of my motor. And then my Valve Cover Gasket is still leaking somewhere?