Verdict: 2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R

So by reading this Motor Trend article I get the feeling they didn’t like the new SE-R lol

The new sentra is a great commuter car and nothing more. It’s a waste of time and money to make it a performance queen. Sorry Steve. It’s true, this car is not a friendly platform for performance upgrades.

I love my Sentra for what it is. My daily driver. The wheel gap is disgusting and lowering springs are a must. Other than a set of nice wheels and some good rubber, I plan on saving my money for a real summer ride. I also don’t suggest anyone spending more than 1G on this car. Make it look good and leave the engine bay alone!

That artical is old news mang. Motor Trend never liked the car. And many people just don’t like the looks so won’t consider driving it anyways.
Their first mistake was taking just the SE-R. CVT = GAY. and the suspension on that model sucks too. The Spec V suspension isnt that much better though.

Regardless I like my car. And I still won’t get a Civic SI as 1. way too many people own them. 2. too small.
But if they bring back the 240 like some of the concept drawings Id buy that :slight_smile:

And Dennis. My car STK still whoops many modified previous Gen Spec V’s. So interms of moding it. id say its better on this one for it to be faster.

Really? We’ll see.

You get pissed when I start to pull on you. lol
But you wont have your Spec V next year when I add the H/E/Pulley
And I don’t count the Turbo Spec V’s. But whatever its a Sentra and there not ment for the Big HP and quickness. lol.