Verizon Chocolate MP3 Question

Picking up the music essentials kit, and some other toys for it…and just curious what program i should use to load the songs from my computer to my phone. I’ve already ripped all the CD’s i want via iTunes…but one of the guys at the verizon stand in the mall told me i HAVE to use windows media player…while a month earlier, i was told by another guy at the same stand i could use iTunes…

for some reason, my windows media player is the suck, big time…and half the time freezes up when i’m using it for anything other than playing a CD or DVD…ripping music, or saving playlists on it isn’t happening…

just curious for all the other chocolate owners or verizon buffs on here…will i be able to load the songs to my phone via iTunes, or do i have to fix my windows media player before i can even consider it?

I just got a 1gb sd micro - formatted it and dargged and dropped the songs in the folder. all in mp3 format - no issues and no music essentails kit!

my prefered method :tup:

and itunes wont work. only wma and mp3

on the chocolate can u use mp3s from your computer as a ringtone?

i have t-mobile and i use a nokia 6133 (has mp3 playback and a sd memory card) and i cant use my own mp3s as ringtones but i heard you need to format the mp3 into a different file to be able to use it as a ringtone

is this true?

i believe you have to trick the phone into playing mp3’s as ringtones, although its fairly easy

any details? also anyway you can listen to your tunes through a bluetooth headset? It really pisses me off that you can’t

this should help:

howardforums gets a huge thumbs up from me. Learned everything about seem editing on there, very good info!

i too spend a lot of time on there. i can attribute a lot of what i know to that forum. but you have to be able to pick through the good posts, and the bad ones. just like on here, anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection can speak their mind, even if they have no idea what they are talking about.

yeah, i tend to stray from things off topic, and stick to what the moderators post in the modding areas.