VICE NEWS, ISIS, Coming to America soon


Yea I know we have a polictics section but #1 not many look at it and #2 this isnt politics this is survival.

Im sure we have all heard about whats going on in Iraq, ISIS / ISIL taking over, the brutal killings of people including children (cutting them in half, be-headings etc)

But has anyone seen these videos? They are safe for work and IMO should be viewed by everyone. You need to fully understand that
#1 they dont want to negotiate
#2 they dont want peace
#3 they dont want just that part of the world, they want the whole world
#4 they vowed to come to America soon
#5 if youre a parent, this effects your kids because they vowed their kids will kill ours (watch the brain washing)
#6 Christian or not, if youre not their type of Muslim…they hate you

If you think they would have a hard time coming here, its already known that western muslims have traveled back to Iraq etc to join them. Those Muslims have passports to come back and for the ones that dont, they could enter through the south super easy

Part 5 not out yet


I’d like to think that with as much spying and the ability the NSA has to catch things before they happen, these people won’t be able to operate in the manner that they think they will. There has been plenty of propaganda coming from groups like this for as long as I can remember. How many of them have actually been successful in accomplishing their end goal?

Our world literally is moving towards a pre-crime era where communications are being intercepted with ease and the ability to pick up on it quicker is happening. These idiots are using Twitter to show their crimes in real time as well. You really don’t have send in a team or investigators to see that a Terrorist snapped a picture and posted it on the web of his 7 year old kid holding the head of someone who he just killed and cut their head off.


You think this is the only group of people in the world who doesn’t like Americans?


yup. the sky is not falling, information delivery is just losing its filter.


Have you seen what’s happening in St. Louis? Our typical Police department probably has more sophisticated weaponry than these people. Any sign of aggression within the US will be stopped pretty damn quickly.

However, I do worry about the people who will be in harms way when something does happen.



If you were going to make this argument at least bitch about no knock raids and the use of SWAT teams on a regular basis…Not the police response to people rioting and burning down buildings :lol:


Vice is also super biased and has a history of skewing things in the most dramatic way possible. Not saying it’s all wrong, I love watching the Vice documentaries, but you have to take it with a grain of salt and factor in that there’s probably more to the story than just what they’re saying. Also, what everyone above me said.


Im not saying this has never happened before nor is this the only group that hates America. But what other group have you seen that does things like this? None

I doubt that since they stole the weapons and equipment that we gave to Iraq

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When someone says we plan to bomb you and kill your kids…it kinda gets personal dont you think


My comment had nothing to do with complaining about our militarized police departments, or that what’s happening in St. Louis is something new but merely a comparison of force. Calm your tits.


My opinion on the matter will offend many. Let’s face it. Lot of soft hearts in here. Not necessarily a bad thing. That’s all I really have to say about that.


You can’t even imagine the amount of threats the gov’t probably gets a day. How many do you think POTUS gets a day? I understand your concern, I really do. Killing innocent people especially children is disgusting and unfathomable. Nobody should have to live in that type of fear. As stated before, this is just a sensationalized account of what’s happening overseas.

Plus if they enter through Florida and start killing people they’d really be doing us a favor.


No need to start paying attention until they hit North Carolina. If they had their way with FL, GA, MS, AL, and SC for awhile maybe our education scores wouldn’t be so shitty compared to the rest of the world. That said good luck dealing with a bunch of pissed off rednecks whose primary concern is exercising their god-given right to carry a gun to church, the bar, or school.


I have more sophisticated weaponry than these people.


The thing that keeps me “on edge” is the fact that ISIS is growing so quickly due to new people joining from Europe and the US.
Our Gov has come out and said they know people are joining them from here. What happens when they return using their passport…bad things IMO


America is hated all over the place. ISIS, Al Queida, Booka whatever the hell his name is on Africa. There will always be people hating us. I really don’t have any interest to go admire the sand dunes in Iraq or climb the mountains of Afghanistan mostly from a personal security issue but I think we are any more or less safe than before 9/11.

There is a lot of flags that go off to do mass damage in America. We are a police state that is monitored a lot and someone even getting trained over seas needs to make some serious efforts to accumulate supplies that would allow such damage. Also, we are benefiting being split from the majority of the crazies. There is a much larger threat in the UK and Europe by terrorists than there is in the US so once we start seeing major problems there, we can really start to see new threats to the US. Go buy two boxes alergy medicine and you end up on a watch list.

Lastly, look at Ferguson. We saw how fast a COUNTY police department locked down a town with military hardware and equipment. Large scale threats are just so small now but people make them to be that anyone at any time could be taken out by a terrorist which in turn results in this giant defense budget we have that has not made us any more or less safe.

Any terrorist group has started based on the US trying to do something. We didn’t like Russia and funded Al Queida. We didn’t like the regime in Ukraine and started a revolt there in the 80s and that toppled. We tried multiple times in Iraq and now there is ISIS that came into power.

We fuck up a lot. People hate us and people turn on it. We need to stop being a police force and just be quiet but will fuck people up. We don’t need to be causing problems but you threaten our interests or our country, we put an end to it. I am a firm believer that our down fall in this country and in the next 15-20 years will not be due to an outside force, it will be due to our internal greed and corruption creating the largest financial divide which then will allow the outside influences to swing support for a destroyed 99%. They way our country is run, we are not sustainable in the long term.


the ISIS guy speaks english and has a british accent


I hate to say it but im convinced this is a fake video. Made by the US as an excuse and a reasoning to keep going in there. “oh now they are killing americans… need more boots on the ground.”

Ive seen a bunch of these beheading videos over the years and they have always shown the beheading they dont cut away to a dead body. The Isis member is clearly educated and can speak clear english. We are the cause of all of these issues. John Mccain was in Syria supporting these guys 8 months ago. Also i didnt realize they were so good at editing videos and putting so much time into awesome camera angles.


ISIS needs to change their name because all I think of when I see them in the news is Archer.


LOL, that’s my first thought every time I hear it.


Ahahah I forgot about that.