VICE NEWS, ISIS, Coming to America soon


Well they did just come into literally hundreds of millions of dollars over the past several months. Probably helps the production value a little.

as for cutting away from the beheading…who knows, maybe it was the guys first one and it took him 40 minutes or the guy struggled and and got loose briefly…all possibilities. You’ll notice in most other videos it usually isn’t a 1 on 1 situation either as I imagine anytime one is getting their head sawed off they are probably struggling more than one other person could handle even when bound.

or maybe it’s just conspiracy by the government…one that oddly enough ISIS gladly taking the credit for…or is ISIS also a conspiracy?


I didn’t watch the video and I really don’t want to, even though I’ve seen them before.





This is definitely in the distance at the moment but has potential to become a real threat to the US due to the fractious nature of these organizations. Normally no one person is in control. One of the commanders in the group tried to assert control in Syria and created factions within the group because not everyone wanted to pledge allegiance to him. My gut instinct is that even if there was a problem this country is so Islamophobic that the majority of people will probably take the same stance they did after 9/11, if you’re brown, you’re down.


Isis is a pagan goddess who was put on top of the Capital Building in DC by the Illuminati.

ISIS in Iraq is probably just the latest made up boogieman name by the Illuminati to continue their war propaganda.


I don’t know…I’m concerned that your worldwide water jet logo looks kind of like Arabic script…

also ISIS is just what the media prefers to use…it seems like the actual group likes ISIL or just IS since they don’t want to unnecessarily limit themselves to simply Iraq or Syria


I am secretly one a dem A-rabs. :snky:


It’s Bill Maher’s opinions everytime. They present great facts and then seem to end with the most obscure conclusions, at least from my point of view. Im not as liberal as Bill.

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Who knows, I would hope they wouldnt make this up. But lately I really dont know what to believe coming from the media. So many mixed reports with so little facts/evidence to back them up. Over a long enough time they are all swept under a rug.

Still dont know who shot down that plane in the Ukraine…
Ferguson was intentionally kept out of the media for over a week. Also the fact that they want to make this about race and dont want to touch the issue of militarizing our police forces is ridiculous in and of itself.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, grab some popcorn and take it all in.


I’d have to agree with that.


It is interesting but Al Queida was doing this for years when we started attacking. I am still not 100% on this. We have a lot of politicians heavily invested in war companies. I always wonder if this is a legit threat or just war propaganda to incite a larger response than required.


This all originated in the late 70s into the middle 80s, Jimmy Carter was aiding the opposition to the soviet union who was an ally of the democratic republic of afghanistan. We backed/funded small groups of afghan arabs one of which was Bin Laden. We funded al qaeda for years. We are the cause for everything over there. Then George Bush Sr. went into Iraq when they thought Saddam had WMDs LOL.(OIL) One president after another has messed with the Middle east and we wonder why they dont like us. We are so sheltered here and are complacent with it.



Speaking of Al Qaeda… another US made up name.


If I were younger and if our military weren’t drastically downsizing I’d enlist so I could go over there and butcher these dogs with impunity.


WMDs LOL? You mean when Saddam invaded Kuwait and was firing SCUD missiles at Israel and Saudi Arabia? Or LOL at the mustard gas and nerve agent attack he used at Halabja that killed around 3000-5000 people? I think you’re confusing your Iraq wars because there most definitely were WMD’s in Iraq during Bush Sr’s war. We watched the CNN footage live as patriot missiles were shooting them out of the sky.




Come to Merica, fuckers.





You’re right, I was incorrect. They had some mustard gas and some nerve agents that were used during the Iraq and Iran war mainly against the Kurds.