VICE NEWS, ISIS, Coming to America soon


Yes. These politicians holding their hands on the trigger calling for war are heavily invested in defense companies that profit from this. Meanwhile, the government printing money to fight these was is killing the middle and lower class doing whatever they can to save a few bucks making that small savings account more and more worthless.

I have said it before, our fall of America will not come from an outside force. It will come from our own greed and corruption. Once our dollar falls, the rest will crumble. The Eastern world is already pushing to remove the US dollar power and doing these wars and political gains to further devalue the dollar will make american influence less and less worthwhile.

This isn’t Hitler. Israel is more Hitler like than ISIS. ISIS is just a group that is doing the exact same thing that dictators did over there where if you don’t join them, they kill you. Sadam actually did things right. He gave these groups that hated each other their own areas and if they caused problems, he reigned down. He was not what the western world thought was a good leader as we are a nation that hands out participation trophies but that eastern world is a mess.

Al Queida did the same thing with beheadings after 9/11 to get fame. ISIS is doing the same thing.


We’ll keep our heads buried in the sand again until they pull off some major terrorist attack here. Then all the same people who are bitching ISIS just media hype and we’re warmongers if we attack will switch to bitching about how we had all these signs ISIS was a major threat and should have done something.

And sadly, the mainstream media won’t bother calling them out despite have mountains of video and articles of their hypocrisy. They’ll instead turn on who ever is in charge and run with the, “Why didn’t you do something” story line.


I love that we haven’t had a terror group attack on US soil in 14 years and everyone is up in arms about ISIS and we need to do something but when a kid shoots up a school once a month and people mention gun control, the country’s hard right goes ape shit.

You are 1 in 20,000,000 likely to be killed in terrorist attack compared to a car accident of 1 in 19,000; drowning in a bathtub at 1 in 800,000; dying in a building fire at 1 in 99,000; or being struck by lightning at 1 in 5,500,000. In other words, in the last five years you were four times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist. Just because someone comes here accross a border doesn’t mean they can suddenly bomb the Freedom tower. They need supplies, resources, people, and plans. Most terrorists we have captured are fed information from informants and stopped to show we are in danger.

We live in a country you can’t buy cold medicine without ending up on a government radar. Someone isn’t walking accross the border, buying a bunch of chemicals, and blowing up a city.


Disagree with you there. Israel has the right to protect themselves just like we/you have the right to defend our/yourself. If I called a “ceasefire” with someone and they broke it, I wouldnt just take it and say “well what are you gonna do”. Screw that.

What I dont get is, if these money/power hungry people cripple America, dont they realize they will eventually fall too


Israel defends themselves, yes. Hamas was a terror group that a country elected as leaders so they have the right to defend themselves but when they then go and start seizing land over the last 30 years, how much of an argument is “We are defending ourselves” is going to last? Slow take over of land. Each time getting more and more due to their self belief of a right to own it?


This argument can go back and forth with who owned it first. They’ve been fighting over land for ages. You cant just say “well look at Palestine in 1946 and look at how much Israel took” because what did it look like before 1946. Heres a map from 1000 BC. Look how much Israel owned.


But to say Israel is like Hitler is wrong. Hitler killed innocent people because he didnt like how they looked and felt they shouldn’t exist. Hamas fires rockets at Israel and believes they shouldn’t exist too. Clearly you can see Hamas doesnt care about Israel or life there when the UN, Israel and Gaza say ceasefire, then Hamas gives the big middle finger. The people there “aren’t the problem”, its the extremist’s that pull in the innocent people that cause this BS.

Think about what Europe did to the Indians, land grab.


Do you guys even know how Israel ended up with the West bank and Gaza? lol


Extremist anything is the problem in this world. Islamist militants preaching their “religion”. Extremist christian and baptist preaching their hate. It is everywhere and the cause to all the problems.


I agree, extremist are bad but dont put extremist muslims and extremist christians in the same sentence…far different.
One yells, one kills


Both are fucking retarded and one is more dedicated to their religion than the other.


Extremist Christians kill too for their beliefs.


So the last killing by a “christian” was in 2009 and before that it was 1998
and the last killing by a “muslim” was…now


Sure hope they are right and this is false


So planes stolen are going to enter our airspace and do what? You must watch too much Fox News and listen to the sky is falling reports.

If a commercial jet is just going to fly into US airspace from international territory and cause harm to a major city and also on 9/11 which has enough rumors of major attacks to up security, then we need to reevaluate this 1 trillion dollars we spent since 9/11/2001 (not including the war costs) and what we are actually securing.

A) The report is not even confirmed, but rumored.

B) ISIS has already taken over military bases in Syria and has access to fighter jets. No reports of them flying them or having the ability to fly them.

C) They have no air support so they can now move people undetected in that area using civilian air planes to limit chance of being shot down.

D) Flying that far and loading up with gas to perform an attack is going to take a fuel stop somewhere near US airspace again, raising the question of a flight log and monitoring.


I agree^
If they were stolen, which I doubt they were, we would know where these airplanes would be.
To attack on 9/11 again while our eyes and ears are open would be dumb.
And yea its pretty much impossible to fly across the ocean with out coming up on our radar and jets riding their coat tails.

But anything is possible with the amount of evil and $ in this world.

BTW I listen to both sides of the media, never just listen to one side


Ya I am seeing articles of a full ISIS assault potential from the Mexican border. Jesus.

Again, if we have let ISIS build up a massive army at our border to the south with the cartels, we have failed as a country. I still firmly believe Mexico and the Cartels want nothing to do with them and any instability in Texas would just ruin any drug operations.


What is this, the plot of Call of Duty Ghosts?


Just send them on in, I’m sure Texans would have a field day with those fuckheads.



ISIS gym to change its name to Buffalo Multi Fit. I chuckled a little. :slight_smile:


Soooooo, all of the ISIS warriors are at the border ready to invade America, yet we are bombing them in Syria? What am I missing here?