VW Cabriolet Project for the wifey


:slight_smile: haha. Your work is always incredibly impressive, looking forward to more updates.


Needed a flange for the new TB since I decided against using the mustang one.

I probably could have had the guy at work cut one on his cnc but I always wanted to try using the router table and a wood bit to cut aluminum. So I scored a piece of 3/8" aluminum, scored out a pattern, roughed it in with the band saw and then free hand cut it on the router table.

Here is is roughed in without any edge sanding. Not bad for free handing it without a template. I was surprised just how easy it cut even with a cheapo craftsman wood bit.

And with the hole cut (again free hand trimmed on the router table - after boring a hole with a hole saw), and the edges sanded a little. They still need work, but not bad for a few mins work.


Holes drilled and some bolts in place for a test fit. The final plan is to add some threaded inserts to the flange and bolt it in from the front side. Ill be edge welding this flange to the current flange (and welding the current holes shut) so that you cant see the backside of the mounitng hardware.

I think its going to be a good fit and looks pretty nice to boot.

In other news I picked up this guy. Its obviously WAY nicer than my $80 china special. It was a hard pill to swallow but it should be a huge time saver going forward. Plus I was out of 18" belts , haha.


Up next got a small start on the exhaust. I bought a premade 304ss midpipe from Techtonics for $300 to the door. With the price of bends it was a no brainer. Luckily it fits perfect. I did have to make one cut at the end of the straight section to get it over the subframe (see the hose clamp in the pic below). Ultimately there wil be a vband there and at the inlet of the resonator.

I was worried the muffler wouldnt just fit and would hit the axle bracing but it JUUUST clears even at full suspsion compression (which will never happen)



Went back to the intake mani last night.

First I drilled and tapped the holes in the TB flange for ss threaded inserts.

Welded up the two mounting holes in the original flange. Then welded the new flange to the original around the entire edge and inside the TB hole. Finally filed and sanded the edge to a nice flat finish. I still need to port the inside to the TB, but I ran out of steam at 2am.

Typically I dont like to grind welds, but I felt like the ones at the runner to oem flange were out of place. So I went to town with the new Dynafile and smoothed them out. That thing was worth all the pennies, its so good. I managed to smooth them all out in just under an hour. The “floating belt” contact arm does such a great job of smoothing things out without leaving flat spots like an arm with a flat platen would.



adding a Dynafile to my wish list.


Just buy one now. Its worth all 60k pennies (with 150 belts).

In fact, I have a 25% off zoro coupon, you could order one today…


Faced the TB flange on the intake. It was pretty damn flat even after welding. I used my high tech sandpaperstucktothebench method, which worked great. This is only 180 grit so Ill prob go up a grit or two.

I hated how loose the V band rings are on the tubing so I ordered a Lisle exhaust tubing expander setup to fix the issue.

Before. Huge gap, tube slips all the way in the ring / doesnt contact the nice step in the rings at all:

After. Much better

I spent a little time yesterday swedging all of the ends that needed it so I should be ready to start tacking the exhaust together tomorrow night. Im waiting on a new gas lens and torch etc before I can get started on that.

Picked up the two valve covers Im going to be modding from being baked and blasted.

And the crank trigger mount showed from USRT



Machined the valve cover to accept 2.0T coils. The holes needed to be expanded a little for them fit. I picked up a cheap 1-1/16" annular cutter off ebay to bore the holes down 3/4". Then used a 1/8" endmill to cut some notches for the indexing tabs on the coils. I did need to remove the rubber seals on the coils and trim the small ribs off of the plastic but they more or less snap right in. I still need to double check the final height with it installed but I think its close to them fully seating on the plugs.

Like a glove

Tonight its back to the exhaust



Got some new tig goodies yesterday. Most notably the new torch and Monster 14 gas lens setup. The CK red super flexible lead is super light and well flexible. 3/4" minimum tungsten stick out on the Monster 14 lens seems so crazy. Ive never used even a traditional gas lens before so this should be interesting.

Got everything setup and managed to get the catback all tacked together.

Drilled a few holes in a hose clamp to tack the resonator to the midpipe.

And yes it looks just like before but its completely tacked up.

I started working on some hangers for the front side of the muffler (no pics as it was 2am). What I cant decide is how to make the hanger for the back of the muffler. Its going to be pretty visible so Id like it to look nice. Just struggling with what that might be. Grabbed a couple pics this am for reference. Open to ideas.



I vote for that band with all the wholes it in that just wraps around the exhaust. Usually seen on cars that are lifted in the back…


Good thought. Maybe I can get some pre rusted?

EDIT: lol @ “wholes”



F me running. How did I F that up?



Have all the time in the world…“should I put the lowering springs in the GTI today??” … nah.


I have three minutes, time to make __________ for the cabby!


Old cut up soup cans and coat hangers from the dry cleaner has my vote.


Got the back third of the exhaust welded up last night, minus an actual tail pipe. Was my first time welding SS. Its def not the best work ever, but Im happy enough. I had some moments of glory on the hanger.



Didnt get really any time to work on this on my week off but I did test fit the exhaust. The one hanger turned out perfect.

And I tried out a maroon surface conditioning belt on the tubing. It looks pretty good, but not quite brushed enough. Im gona give a brown belt a try and see if thats better. Still unsure how Im going to de-polish the muffler and resonator.

Built a new table for my horizontal bandsaw as well as a sled for cutting tubing as Im going to need to do a new downpipe soon.

And spent some much needed time cleaning up the shop. I took down the booth for now as its annoying and easy enough to set back up.



Worked on the exhaust some more over the weekend.

Finished welding up the midpipe. I feel like Im getting better on the welds, more consistent etc.

Inlet Vband

I swedged the pipe after the resonator to match which made for a pretty easy weld.

Outlet vband

And there is it

Of course I didnt like the inconsistent finish or the color from the welds (weird I know). So I sanded out all of the tooling marks and then did a brushed finish on it with a maroon belt on the Dynabrade. Much better :tup:

Then I needed to make the last mount for the muffler.

Welded a little tab onto the rear muffler flange, bent up a piece of 3/8" ss rod and boom. The rod is welded to a plate inside the trunk that I tacked in a few spots (no pics).

Friday I picked up the rear axle beam and associated parts from the powder coater. Im pretty stoked how it turned out. I will need to pull the bracing back off to install everything on the car but I just needed to see it together.



Using a back purge setup I assume?


Yuppers. Wifey got me the dual regulator for xmas.


Put the brushed finish on the rear exhaust section last night. All thats left now is a tail pipe which Im still undecided on.



The level of detail on this thing continues to amaze me. I’m in my 40’s and hope I live long enough to see it completed. :stuck_out_tongue: