VW Cabriolet Project for the wifey


Haha. I acutally dread having to touch it b/c its so dirty. However, its waaaaaaay cleaner than it was. Im sure there is a pic of just how fucking awful it was orig.

Fit a few things last night so hopefully I catch anything stupid that Ive long since forgotten in the last 8 years or whatever.

Im currently struggling with my original oil cooler mount, not sure whats going to happen there yet. I hate the mustang throttle body. And the top radiator mounts suck.

Reuger front lip



That lip really gives the front end a good look. :tspry:


Man I love everything about this thread and at the same time, I look at each post and find another example of something that I’ll probably never do in my life lol.


But just think of all the minutes youll have saved.


I’m sure I’ll find a way to waste them somehow :wink:


Was able to use my top radiator mounts. Just took a little mod of the radiator to get them to fit.

With that done it was time to redo the top radiator shroud that I screwed up a few years ago. I had a couple hours friday night so I knocked it out. It was my first time forming something like this. I think it turned out pretty good.

Also started on Rev 2 of the oil cooler mount. Must happier with this one so far. I just need to redo the lower support / rock guard. Though I may add some sides to create a duct for it. we’ll see.



Hows the cavy doing?


Its just sitting there, cold and lonely. I dont think Ive driven it more than once in the last 4-5 years. :frowning:



Dude! Why? That thing is awesome.


life? Just so busy with other stuff Ive been ignoring it. Most of which was building the shop, well the first 4 years or so.


Years ago I started on an oil cooler mount, but since then decided I hated it. I mulled over lots of other ideas, but decided to just make a better version of the original. Im not going to bother showing the original, mostly b/c im too lazy to look it up. Here is the latest.

Bent up a new upper bracket out of 0.090 alum.

Made a rock guard frame / lower mount out of 3/16 ss rod and some 1/4-20 cap screws.

Welded some ss mesh to the frame for the rock guard. Here it is in place.

Then I thought it should have a scoop and some ducting. So I bent up a few more pieces and welded them up. Of course I cut one angle wrong, so I did an ugly weld on the edge and reshaped it to the right angle. Saved!

Here is the completed duct / scoop assy. The scoop and sides are 0.090 and the long flat curved piece is 0.040. Was fun welding them together.


And on the car, without the rock guard.



And with the rock guard

Just need to trim some of the threaded studs, come up with the final hardware, and get it coated.



Tiny update. Had just a little time friday pm so I got the front soft fuel lines made and routed up to the fuel rail. Came up with a little bracket to hold them between the timing and serp belts since I wont be running a timing cover (just needs a screw)



In this week’s installment of unnecessary projects that probably no one will ever notice:

I was unhappy with the bung welds for the turbo water lines. And there was a dent in the one OE water tube that Im reusing. So I broke out the silicon bronze and took care of both. These are now ready for coating, likely black wrinkle powder.

Next up is the starter. I saw someone on IG flip the starter to move the ugly solenoid to the bottom and just knew I had to do the same. I did a quick test a few weeks ago with an old broken oem starter, and it didnt look like it would be too bad. A little cut here and a few welds there and itd fit. New starter came yesterday so I quickly got to work.

Pulled apart

I skip a couple steps here, but basically I cut off the tab on the left right through the middle of the oe mounting hole. The hole to the far left is for some other bracket, but Ill be dammed if I can recall what. Cut out a chunk of 5/8" thick aluminum and welded it to the side. Also had to weld up half of the OE hole and an area I cut into when getting it into shape (the little area I bridged in the third pic here.


Then spent some time grinding and sanding into shape and drilled out the new mounting hole.

Perfect fit.

Going to check flatness of the new flange area on the mill quick, and then bead blast it so itll be ready for paint when the time comes.



killin’ it


Master cylinder lines showed friday. Also got rev 2 or 3 of the firewall bulkhead cnc cut by a guy I work with, turned out pretty nice this time.

Still need to make the plugs for the unused master cyl ports. I have the pieces, just needs a little welding. But other than the soft lines to the calipers, the brake system is done.



those are just… there are no words :bigtup:


Everything you do rocks lol great job



Couldnt find metric bubble flare plugs for the unused master ports so I made my own. I see lots of people use the right thread but with copper washers, well I didnt want to.

Took some adapters, cut them down, drilled and tapped the hole for 8-32, threaded in a section of a screw and welded it in place. Should be good.

Up next was the intake manifold and fuel rail. I originally made this 6 years ago and for some reason it was very close to the radiator, closer than today me liked. I also hated the fuel rail mounting tabs. So I went to the town.

Flange cut off.

Decided it was a good time to remove all the OE casting lines. Before…

With that done (no pics) I cut the runners down about 3/8", reshaped them to mate to the OE flange and ground the ends to a nice V.

Next, made up some new fuel rail brackets and welded them on. These were a total bitch to weld, way more than the runners to the flange which were cake.

Spent a few mins smoothing out the welds (I plan on doing the runner to flange ones too, but Im waiting on my new Dynafile) I had just enough belt left to do these.

And here it is all reassembled. I also smoothed out the welds on the rail for the FPR cup and the input fitting.

And an inside shot.

Next and hopefully last item is to redo the TB flange. I was originally going to use a stock mustang TB but have since decided its just too damn ugly and Id rather use GM IAC. I picked up an Aurora TB that should do the trick. More to come on that.

And finally, exhaust parts started rolling in. I also ordered a midpipe from Techtonics which is due tues. It was only like $25 more than buying the bends to make my own. It just better be 304ss like they told me on the phone, else Im not going to be happy.



I keep looking at this thread title going… man, your wife is going to have one hell of a car in 2042.


Haha, ya ya.

I really hope its painted and driving by spring. The interior is another story.