VW Cabriolet Project for the wifey


Finished up the cam cover. Was able to weld up all of the larger pin holes. There are a handful of smaller ones but they should fill easy with primer.

Trimmed the timing gear guard about 3/8". I dont plan on running a timing cover and it just stuck up too far for my liking. And also trimmed off all the extra tabs around theedge and smoothed out any mold lines.


Then I created a jig for the manifold. A piece of 1x5 aluminum serves as the base (with port holes for back purging), and then some scrap 1" tube was used to position the turbine flange in the correct spot.

Unfortunately I still dont have the head flange, so in order to move forward with getting the runners at least tacked together, I machined this little disc. It will bolt thru the purge holes (which are centered on each runner) and keep the first weld el in the right x,y and z positions. Ill simply move it from runner to runner as I fit them.



Got the first two runners tacked up on saturday. The disc worked perfectly to position them. Should have the other two tacked up tomorrow night. Then its wait time until the flange arrives :frowning:



Lots of progress last night.

Finished tacking the last two runners together. The spacer worked great.



Then I made up a temporary steel flange so I can move forward with the downpipe and charge pipes since the head flange is 3 weeks out.

And bolted it up along with the turbo. Fits just like I had planned. It looks close to the firewall but there is probably 1.5"

With that done I was able to finish up the downpipe.


Plenty of brace clearance.



Yes Yes Yes!!!


Got some bonus garage time yesterday. Managed to get the charge pipe tacked up. I havent welded the elbow to the compressor yet, Im going to wait to do that once everything is together for realz.



Late last week I finally addressed the issues with the shifter relay bracket that mounts to the rack. Just like other people my Meyle rack wasnt made exactly right so the bracket was clocked wrong. Since the rack is already refinished I decided to modify the bracket. Adding a couple small pieces of 3/16" steel to the two mounting locations took care of the issue.

With that now fixed, it shifted the relay lever upwards and into the header. I figured this might be an issue, but I didnt want the header design to be constrained by the shifter figuring I could fix it easy enough.



Bent the two pieces to match, welded a plate of 1/8" over the joint and smoothed it all out.


After :thumbup:



Had some free time sat am so I finished up the intercooler. I needed a filler but I hate inline fillers, plus I wanted it at the highest point so I added a neck right to the one end tank. A little section of aluminum tube, a 32mm neck, and Vibrant radiator cap did the trick. Also welded a -12 fitting for the inlet. Certainly not my best welding but the cast IC end tanks are certainly not the cleanest. It should look fine in wrinkle black powder.

With that done last night I made the mount for the IC pump. I started off with a $10 clamp which I cut up and welded to some 1/4" aluminum angle. Then welded a little box to the frame rail to mount it to.

Mount cut up (basically removed the mounting tabs) welded to some 1/4" angle and smoothed out.


Frame rail box made from 2" square tube with the end capped.


The assembly

Mount welded to frame rail and primed.

The whole smash mounted up.



so crispy


It’s crazy how many years I have been looking at this tread and your quality work :tup: Keep it up, I like looking in on this project.


Ha. Thanks guys.

Back to work on this after an unplanned timing and water pump job on the Allroad.

Last night tackled the heater core return line. Its made from a stainless tube assy I bought off ebay, cut apart, and welded back together. The one 45 I made as a two joint pie cut and then welded and smoothed to look like a 45. The only thing missing is a -6 fitting for the turbo water return but im currently out of stock.

Tacked up

Welded and smoothed. Again, just loving the Dynabrade. It makes short work of smoothing the welded joints

The smoothed out pie cut joint



Wow almost a month and no updates. I have been working on things just apparently forgot to upload pics and document.

I decided after doing all that work to get the 020 linkages and crap working I should swap to 02A transmission. :lol:

Picked up the 02A trans, 02J shifter, cables (which are wrong in this pic) from a friend. Also found a good 02J shift tower (no pics). And bought a set of S&P MK1 02A mounts.

Quickly realized that the shift box was going to be harder to fit with my exhaust setup. Not wanting to change the exhaust I spent so much time I it was obvious the shifter would need to change.

Pulled the shifter apart and started cutting

Made an aluminum cover. Its three pieces welded together and smoothed.

Perfect fit

With that done I switched focus to the alternator. Years ago I had planned to use a MK3 alternator, but the size of it and the position of the one plug just wansnt going to work with my new dual fan setup. I spent countless hours looking at images and sizes of alternators and finally found that a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Denso type alternator would fit the bill.

Machined a new top mount block on the mill at work. Then rounded off the edges on my router table.

And then cleaned it up with a maroon belt on the Dynafile.

Next was the lower mount / tensioner.

Clevis for the tensioner, using the rod end and adjuster I bought years ago. The clevis was made from some rectangular box tube I had laying around.

And after hours of screwing around I came up with this crazy bracket for the lower tensioner mount. I still plan to add some reinforcement to the sides, but its more or less done

It ties into the two mounts on the bottom of the block, and the water pump bolts.

Adjuster in place.


And mounted.

If anyone was wondering, I dont have a brake at the house for thicker plate so I whipped this up that I use in my vise. It works surprisingly well and way better than a hammer.


Next, it was time to figure out how to add a master cylinder to the factory pedal box. I looked at some ideas that others had done including fastbunnymetalworks and came up with something similar.

Made a bracket, again using my sweet brake shown above. its obviously not quite done, but very close. Hopefully Ill have it done this week.

That about catches up the progress on the project. Im sure I wont have a ton of time between now and new years, but Ill try to keep things updated should I move forward.



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Me too. You should put an 02M in this thing. :smiley:


Nah. Honestly I didnt think the 02M was that awesome in my last VR6 GTI. It was just one more gear to either shift or skip. It also weighs like infinity pounds, lol.



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