VW Cabriolet Project for the wifey


PS, congrats on the sale. If I was at all local it would have been mine at that price point. The new Atlas looks interesting, keep us looped in.


Its wierd seeing a build without copious amounts of zip ties and jb weld. CLEAN


So nice.


Thanks LXIFLYBY and ubengineering

Super boring update. Spent another hour or two sanding. Think its pretty close now. Ill prob do a final bead blast when I separate it for the diff install.

Then onto the bottom side.

Just so you can see what Im dealing with. Its like someone splattered it with aluminum when it came out of the mold. Thanks 1990s.



Splattered aluminum? You mean extra bonus material!


was thinking more like



damn that looks fine sir, fine just fine.


Itll look way better primed and painted. :smiley:


I need a steel table in my life.


Hah. Thats actually an old hydo cart i pulled from the scrap bin at work. Some day Ill replace the jack on it, for now i hold it open with a hunk of 4x6 lol


Dude, you’re insane and i love it.


haha thanks!

FINALLY got my wrinkle black parts back from powder. Red pieces should be done this week.

Bumper beams in satin black which came out really nice for something youll never see again.



Disassembled the shift tower, bead blasted it, and started smoothing mold lines. Shouldnt take much longer to finish it up.

And I have a big snafu with the gas tank. I dropped it off along with everything else to be powder coated. When they did the pre bake to burn off the old paint all the hose connections fell out b/c they were just soldered in with regular solder, not brazed in.

I can likely braze them back in except for the one vent line. Id have no way to braze it back in the middle (where I drew the circle on top).

The only thing I can think to do is drill a hole in the top and wire it up with some steel wire and then try to braze the hole shut, but meh.

Pretty bummed as this was a brand new tank I got back in 2006.

There is where it was originally soldered inside.



Finished removing mold lines on the shift tower, and then removed them from the oil filter mount as well. Then bead blasted both and “decked” the filter and block flanges on the filter housing (I use sandpaper stuck to a slab of granite)




Bumping up my favorite thread to make sure we don’t lose pics and so Dan can update us.


All the pics are here, I may have to go through and force them to load.

This software actually saves the pictures locally so there won’t be any of those shitty photobucket “pay us” dummy photos :+1:


In. It seemed to take forever to get the pwd reset (like 4 mins lol). But here we are.

Unfortunately there are no new updates. It might be a couple weeks.



Super tiny update.

I got the pedal arms back from powder a couple months ago and reassembled the column. So thats all ready to go in.

And mounted the fans to the shroud with some completely unnecessary 12pt SS ARP bolts.

Im hoping to get back into it late sept or early oct.



Took me a second to recognize that the pedals are attached to the steering column?


Yup. The gas pedal attaches to the firewall. Thanks 1970’s vw design.

Well, originally it was sorta two pieces, the pedal box held the column. But with my new design they ended up being connected.