VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


are they prices low enough, or is there a bidding war for nothing special?



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The 2.0L TDI vehicles went for sticker, minus a $5,000 rebate and 0% for 72.

Considering you’ll never be able to buy a new Touareg Diesel ever again, I’d say its a pretty special occassion.


Robert Bosch GmbH said its engineers have developed a new diesel-exhaust system that cuts emissions far below legal limits taking effect in 2020 and can help automakers avoid potential driving bans in Europe that threaten to doom the engine technology.

The German engineering giant, the biggest supplier of diesel-engine technology to global automakers from Volkswagen AG to General Motors Co. to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, is stepping up the fight against eroding market share sparked by VW’s 2015 emissions-cheating scandal.


Great for Europe. Meaningless for us. :frowning:


No more BMW diesels in North America…