VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


Nbc had a special on this and interviewed him … he got a call from vw saying there postponing his date to turn in his car, because of this exact loophole


Fuck that guy.


Getting well over book value: $1-5k
Additional Settlement Value: $5k+
Being a self entitled scumbag: Priceless (Gotta get those internet points, yo)

Mine will be going back in the condition I’ve kept it through owning it. Fuck these people.


VW as a corporation doesn’t take mockery very lightly (especially because they are doing everything they can and then some to make it right). I really hope an example gets made. People are so very, very, very stupid. The kid acts like he’s going to lawyer up and fight the largest auto manufacturer in the world. Good luck!


What a dick.


Meh, I get both sides and I get testing the legal gray area if that’s how it is written. I would never do it myself because my time is worth more than I could gain on the labor of stripping and liquidating the parts and I also try not to be a blatant asshole in most cases. Whatever though. To each their own.


Took her in last night with 62k miles. So much life left. Bye bye TDI.


but Why not used VW diesel vehicles in the USA?
In automotive industry have any changes for USA?
Is it very costly?
Please tell me.


I see Dorchel has a ton of listings on Craigslist for 2014 TDI. I’m half tempted to start looking into one.


You might want to double check those listings again. I couldn’t find anything, plus none of the buy backs are eligible for dealer sale yet.


You are right, The listings where gas motor cars. I was searching craigslist for TDI’s and those listings popped up so I was assuming it was a TDI listing. :frowning:


You’ll soon be able to buy fixed 2015 models:

Yet it’s a mostly symbolic step. The sales approval only applies to about 67,000 diesels from the 2015 model, about 12,000 of which are currently in dealer inventory, Ginivan said.

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I’m wondering how pricing on them will be.


Trump’s EPA was like, “Fuck it, just slap a compliant sticker on them”.


Too late for me. :hs:


That’s alot of key fobs to keep track of LOL.


“I need the keys to the white diesel. Fuck.”


So I got an update that EPA approved VW’s fix for the 3.0 diesels, is that true Mr. Beck? @Beck


Yes sir! This is for vehicles currently owned by consumers. Dealership inventories are not being fixed as of yet.

Anyone looking to buy a 2016 Touareg TDI, good luck. I’ve got 8 deposits on 4 trucks and I know some guys 3 deposits deep in other parts of the country.


The wife is happy with her 3.6 gas Touareg, but I was curious about trying to swap it for a TDI if they became available. Guess they are all spoken for.