VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


Submitted documents in October. Website says they’ve cleared review. Not a peep from Volkswagen otherwise. I’ll have to speak to an attorney soon about this.


I got my offer letter on Friday. Signed/notarized it on Monday and scanned it in. Just waiting for VW to contact me so I can make an appointment to drop it off. I can’t complain about how long they’re taking since there are millions of cars to deal with. It’s a bit delayed but it has been a very smooth process for me thus far.


sent in all my stuff as well, just waiting on be contacted


Did they send a physical letter or did they email you a letter to be printed? Just making sure I’m checking the appropriate delivery methods.


I opted to do everything through the online portal. I got an email notifying me that it was ready. Downloaded it from the portal and then scanned it back in to upload it there as well.


Thanks. Everything is through online portal here too, radio silence since October. :wink:


I got mine, but it had the settlement instead of the buy back. I’d called in to change that months ago, but it appears they never actually changed it. I had to submit the change request, now I’m waiting for a response on that.


What people don’t realize is that this is a government court ordered settlement. Just like any settlement, it takes time. It’s not like VW wants to drag this out.


Spoke with one of the owners at vwofop… all cars will be getting crushed depending on the year 2012 or older … to the slammer … nobody can touch them


Wow. That fucking sucks.




@Onyx Z32



I would feel way less bad about stripping a car bare if I knew it was going to be crushed. Kinda changes my opinion on the above.


Got my appointment all set January 17. :tup:


+1 if it’s true.


it would not surprise me. I would not makes any sense to fix these cars. spend thousands on upgrades to emissions system then whatever money would be required for resale, then you have to try and explain to customers that it is fixed. \


Nobody knows this with any degree of certainty. VW isn’t even 100% sure what is going to happen.

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VW has to fix 85% of the affected cars within 2 years. Nobody knows if “crushing” them counts as a fix, or if they legitimately have to be repaired to count towards the 85%. Everything you read online is hearsay, until it comes from the company or the government itself. I’ve heard 100’s of “this is going to happen” scenarios over the past 18 months and none of them have happened.


Still absolutely no correspondence from VW group even though I submitted documents in October. Insane. Guaranteed I’ll see 2017 with this paperweight in the driveway still.


FYI - From what I’m hearing…I would highly, highly recommend that anyone turning their car in, doesn’t remove anything or strip anything off the car.


I really hope this guy gets screwed.