VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


I guess I should of quoted this as well- I cant understand the not paying until its fixed part but I guarantee they will drag their feet coming up with a fix and paying those people.

“though there’s still no CARB and EPA-approved vehicle “modification” yet, and VW has until late next year to get that finalized.”


the settlement also requires VW to set aside $2.7 billion in environmental remediation

lol, but they agreed to it so…


Part of the agreement is that VW has 2 years to get 85% of the affected cars, fixed. With certain models/generations, it’s going to be a software fix and then a hardware fix later in the year. (In this instance, you’d get 1/2 of your money upfront and the other 1/2 when you get the hardware fixed). Some cars are just a quick hardware addition and some cars are extremely, extremely involved and it’s going to take a while.

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VW has to release the effects of the modification, before people decide what they are going to do. I’m guessing it won’t be much at all (difference wise).


@EvoMR and anyone else who might be interested in snagging a “new” Cayenne TDI:

Porsche will soon be able to sell you a “new” diesel Cayenne—but only by making them used cars with a hefty discount…

… “Then they’re going to be sold as used cars… They will be low-mileage, very attractive used cars, based on the age of the car. There’s always a market for any car. You just have to get the price right.”


Wonder what the discount will be on a TDI touareg that has been sitting for a year?


It’s still up in the air as to what is going to happen with all 15 and 16 vehicles. A quick search tells me there’s about a dozen 2015s laying around in a 500 mile radius. As for 16’s it gets a little more tricky, as VW doesn’t have the certificates of conformity necessary or the ability to sell 2016 diesel product. (They withdrew their application to sell 2016’s in the states, just after the stop sale happened.)

Everything about this has been touch and go without any information coming out at all. Everything you read is all hearsay at this point, unfortunately.


Are dealerships buying back vehicles yet? All that I’ve got so far was a letter from the OP VW dealer about trading in for a 2016 VW, but I would have to do it before November 30.


Did you upload the information/documentation to the portal online?


Yes sir. They all show complete.


This process is seriously taking forever, everyone I know with a TDI going through this is just waiting so they can move on. It’s now December I have not heard of anyone that has sold their car back yet.

It also raises a safety concern since people are probably putting off maintenance, since no one is willing to spend extra money on a car that is being bought back. Why spend $500 on new tires when VW can notify you tomorrow and tell you to bring you car in.


Yeah. I assume it’ll be mine forever.


Jalopnik had a pretty good run down regarding the delays last week. It seems to boil down to the fact that VW thought more people would be keeping their cars than expected, and didn’t think everyone would be unloading them ASAP, in spite of the number they had registering for the buyback. Now their understaffed and can’t process the requests timely enough.

Some people have had their buyback appointments scheduled, but not until the end of December.


First buy backs actually took place yesterday. :tup:

It’s a big process with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, it’ll hopefully happen soon for you!


what happens to the cars that are bought back? can I get one for dirt cheap?


No clue. They are getting fixed. No idea what happens to them after, its been insinuated that dealers can buy them back for resale, but at this point in time…that’s probably a year away from happening.


I actually received the offer letter 15 minutes after Beck’ reply to my comment.


@Beck are you getting any cars back like this?

Disgruntled Diesel VW Owners Are Stripping Their Cars Before Turning Them In


That’s a little over the top. The deals VW is giving people are more than fair. There are a ton of cheap fucks over on TDIclub.com that I could see doing this, like they are really “sticking it to the man”.


The entitled generation strikes again.


It makes my head hurt.