VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


Anyway I can get some sort of record of my mileage with VW so I don’t get totally screwed on this? I have the DMV record for when I purchased it and it was inspected in April. I’m just not sure how they are handling that aspect of it.

I bought the car with 35K in April of last year, but I drive 35K+ per year. I only had just under 50K on the car when the cheat was announced last year in September, but I’ll have close to 90K or more by the time October rolls around. Doesn’t make a huge difference, but it’s a couple of hundred bucks (if my math was right).


Believe me, you’re not going to get screwed, lol. You’re going to get 140% of your cars value based on a calculation of what it was worth over a year ago… there’s no way to get screwed. Before all of this went down, people who’s cars were worth $15,000 are going to get $25,000. (Some people aren’t going to think it’s enough, lol)

They are going to calculate the buyback based on the mileage at the time of buy back. Regardless of cheating or not, your car with 90k wouldn’t be worth as much as one with 50k (They aren’t pretending your car is in a time capsule and not being driven). The fact that it’s only a $200 swing, is nuts because a car with 90k as opposed to 50k could be worth thousands ($10,000+ in some instances) less, in a real world scenario.


No more VW diesels in the US ever?

A filing by lawyers for company dealers says Volkswagen won’t sell any U.S. diesel vehicles for the 2016 and 2017 model years. The company, which has been barred from selling all diesel vehicles in the United States since late 2015, said earlier this month it is uncertain whether it will ever sell diesel vehicles in the United States again.


GM is hoping some of these VW diesel customers looking for a new compact diesel vehicle will head their way:

With Volkswagen on the sidelines, Chevrolet would like to be your source for compact diesels.That’s what General Motors North America president Alan Batey told Green Car Reports at an event rolling out the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze hatchback, which will be available with a 1.6-liter turbo-diesel engine when it goes on sale next year.


… but will they wagon?


I think will they GM is the bigger question.

And I think the answer is no.


50+ MPG how can you say no to that?


I just saw a Cruze Hatchback and it’s easily one of the ugliest vehicles in the segment. What were they thinking?


You have to admit they could have done worse with the styling… or lack of styling. Hell, they didn’t even style the models posing with the Spark:


It’s the rear that’s the biggest problem.



Much like the car, the models are a solid 4 to 7 range dependent on color and features.


I hope you’re a solid 4 to 7, depending on the size of your features…





It’s a chevy… did you expect ferrari styling? it’s still just an econobox. Can’t expect perfection in the styling department.


Doesn’t really look all that different from the Focus. A little more slope on it.



Honestly, I’ll take it.


The Golf or Mazda 3 don’t look as bizarre and fussy as the new Cruze, so good styling can be done on a budget.

Whatever, I hope they at least fixed the floaty suspension of the last generation.


new car thread coming shortly…


“But for those who want to have their cars fixed, the restitution payment will not be available until the car is taken in for repair,”

Now that’s some bullshit, I plan on keeping my car since it makes most sense, especially with my daily commute. I want my damn money now!


Not really. I’m sure part of the settlement with the government is that they have to make sure the cars are ACTUALLY fixed. If they give you the money before the repairs are made and you’re keeping the car they end up in a big mess trying to force people to bring their cars in. Especially considering a lot of people have already said they don’t want the cars fixed because they expect the MPGs or performance to decrease once the cars are legit EPA certified.