VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


I drive a '13 Passat tdi…heres to hoping I get some money :bigtup:



Don Marron, a banker from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who owns a 2012 Jetta SportWagen diesel, said he’s glad Volkswagen is offering more compensation than earlier reports had suggested. But Marron wants assurance that if Volkswagen fixes his car but he doesn’t like the way it performs, the company will still buy it back. And if he keeps his car and saves Volkswagen money, he wants compensation for doing that.

“At this moment, I don’t know anything more than I did a couple of months ago,” he said.

^ You know what, FUCK YOU Don. Either have them fix it and live with it or have them buy it back you overly entitled fuck.


I have a 2011 Golf TDI and I’m having a hard time thinking of what would be best to do.

Sell it back for AT LEAST $12.5k. Or take the settlement for AT LEAST $5.1k and have them fix it and just drive the shit out of it. Honestly, the car doesn’t bother me and I’m not too concerned about the ‘fix’ that they will implement. I’m sure it will still get good gas mileage and at least maintain good reliability. It’s just tough to tell how badly this will effect resale value later on.

Anyone else in this conundrum?


^ What about ignore the recall and just drive it getting the max performance and fuel economy, then right before you go to trade it get the recall done?


Pretty sure that is going to be everyones conumdrum.

The fix will probably be good, because if they had issues with it down the road VW will be responsible for it for a pretty good amount of time I would guess.

If you want to take the car to 300K, I would say keep it. But honestly at 300K in one of these newer diesels, a payment will be the least of your worries. There will most likely be a lot of repairs by that point.


That’s because of the 85% kicker the EPA put in. It’s not going to be the same program for those people, but a program none-the-less!


Why on earth would you not take the 5k and keep driving the car? Just never get the recall or if you do buy a 500 tune and make more power.


whats the car worth today? take the 5k, sell privately and have more than 12.5?


I might be able to trade my wife’s '13 Golf TDi for $15k @ 29k miles or I could get roughly $22.5k in a buyout. Even with tax savings, it’s tough to justify taking the ~$6k but it’s close.

That said, I’m pretty happy because we paid about $23k new for the 4 door / DSG because it was purchased at the end of the year and had some deep discounting, so fuck it. I’ll take that deal any day.


Has anyone else been getting their estimates? According to the website my buy back is almost $18k but the settlement is only $3k. This is for a 2011 Golf TDI with about 60k on it. There is no way in hell I wouldn’t take the buy back with those numbers.


Was offered $24.1k (not counting the bonus $ from last Fall) on a '13 Golf TDi w/ 29.9k miles ;). Ordered my wife the G550 so she can stop driving it and not lose the extra $500 that comes off at the 30k mile mark. Repair option sucked, was like $5500 or $6k IIRC. Wouldn’t even consider it.


Hmm. I wonder if they are doing that on purpose to try and get as many of the cars back as possible. It just seems like they’re really overshooting on the value.


Values are based on 140% of Black Book trade, using values from September of 2015 (before the shit went down), minus any miles and adds/deducts for certain equipment. You will be in contact with VW and set an appointment to perform all the paperwork/buyback/fix/get your check. There is more going into the fix than I’ll get into now, but you won’t be able to ‘fix car, get buy back, sell right away’ depending on the model and generation vehicle. I’ll probably have even more information once I get back from Puebla next month. For all you TDI owners (regardless of whether you’re turning them in or getting them fixed), please let me know when you want it done and I’ll see to it, you’re given the up most priority. Thanks!


Already did the online registry for it. Just gonna ride it out until they get the final dates hammered out. Just gonna sit in the driveway undriven until then anyway because we already got the replacement vehicle.


I also did the online registry. Not in a huge rush but I guess I’m in the market for a new car before winter now.


Just get a hold of me before you do anything!

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Did you have to register with a dealer yet?


I chose VW OP because I am down the road, but I don’t think any of that is set in stone yet as everything was preliminary.


You should be able to change. I’d appreciate the opportunity! Get at me before you do anything, thanks.


I am about to fill this out for my dad tonight, I will make sure to choose Basil. I am guessing there is some benefit the dealership receives, he already has a replacement vehicle.


Thanks man! There really isn’t from what I can tell (I’m not even sure if the dealer is fixing the buy back cars or the manufacturer). VW is handling everything from start to finish with the process. I just want to get our name out there and help make the process as easy as possible for NYSpeeders and my friends and family.