VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


Nothing official has been announced. There’s a lot of stuff at work here. I was just in Wolfsburg, Germany last month meeting with the VW AG head of global sales, and the #1 and #2 Chairmen of the VW AG board. Don’t believe anything until VW makes it official.


That’s awesome. Were all the managers from VW dealerships invited?

And that article is garbage.


No, I’m on a national council that represents the 600+ dealers. There are 10 guys on the council.

I’m extremely fortunate to have been nominated and given the opportunity. It’s a pretty big deal and a majority of dealers go their entire lives without being nominated, let alone actually getting on the board.


Lol, they updated it twice since I first read it


So time to buy a bunch of cheap high milage TDI’s?


Yeah, especially with the updates since i had first read it, the article just seems like wild speculation.

I just want to know whether I should bother buying a new stereo or not…
Other than the ongoing extensions, this was the first new information that’s been out in months, so I figured I’d share it.


You’re so important.


You sound like my mother.


i’m legit a little jealous… just want you to know that.


Seems pretty finite today, but you know better than I do apparently. Hoping the rumored settled “purchase back at September 2015 value + some level of compensation” is accurate. I plan to take any amount of cash offered ASAP and then immediately go get my wife a G Wagen to replace that shitbox because fuck that thing. I would’ve already gotten rid of it had I not assumed I might win some free cash on the way out the door.


It’s finite today that they have come to an agreement. They aren’t going to announce the agreement until June. Anything you’ve heard to be “rumored” is exactly that.


God damn it. Another couple of months of Bluetooth speaker it is!


What years are in this group? Might be a good reason to buy a cheap tdi.


2009 and up, but I doubt they’ll be including cars purchased after the cheat was announced. They had a cutoff on the date of ownership for the diesel bucks last year.


Its 100% going to only be for people who have owned the car before September.


Rats lol


Well shit, I think I bought mine in November.


Not that there are any substantial details, but here’s the transcript from the hearing yesterday.

Then the judge described the nature of the agreement, mentioning buybacks, lease cancellations and vehicle modifications:It is also my understanding that the agreement will give consumers several options, including the option to have Volkswagen buy back their vehicle; and, subject to governmental approval after further testing, the option to have the consumer’s vehicle modified in accordance with the agreement;and for those consumers who have leased their car, to cancel the lease and return the car to Volkswagen.


People who owned an affected VW model as of Sept. 18, 2015, when the EPA first exposed the scandal, or acquired a vehicle since then will be eligible. Anyone who sold their vehicle before Sept. 18 is not eligible, Cabraser said


What a mess