VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?




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So there is going to be a recall “refit” of these cars… so does that mean they’ll also lose MPGs?


I would guess no considering they’re talking about the retrofit costing 6.8+ billion dollars. If it was just a software fix to run the NOx trap purge more often (the current system that only runs during the EPA test as not to sacrifice MPG and power in the real world) I assume the cost would be much lower. That fix would take a few minutes at most with VAGCOM. I bet they’re adding a urea injection system to these cars so they can bring the NOx emissions in line, especially since the newest VW’s started adding this system.


they’ll lose “real” mpgs they were getting which were close to 50…they will be closer to what VW actually claims on their window stickers which is closer to 30…so in the eyes of people buying them…no, not really? but yes.


I feel like something is getting lost in translation. That’s the same 6+B they set aside initially to deal with the issue, which I imagine they intended to cover fines/penalties and litigation.

If that’s just the repair cost, then it seems they’d be adding urea injection(software update would be really inexpensive, as you noted).

I would think the costs would be more than double the $355 they saved per model by not including AdBlue for an after production retrofit.


the newer TDIs do not come close to getting 50mpgs. the sticker is probably accurate


What I read was the 6 billion they set aside was to fix the cars and that the number may climb based on the results of to government investigations. To me that seems like the 6 billion is for the recall repairs to bring them into compliance and they are waiting to see how much the fines work out to. All speculation at this point.


Well, it looks like we’ll know more by 10/7.

I’m really curious how a retrofit would work if that is how they’re going to fix it. Seems like the spot behind the wheel well would make the most sense for a spot for the AdBlue tank. It wouldn’t be a huge loss of storage space in the wagon.


Not true. Stickers are ~35 mpg. Real world people are getting 45+ easily.


Volkswagen has a designed a recall repair for the diesel vehicles involved in its global emissions cheating scandal – but not for U.S. vehicles.

The repair will involve a software update, according to a statement released by Volkswagen.The company said a “service procedure” would be required to repair 5 million vehicles out of the 11 million total vehicles involved in the cheating.
But the fix will apparently not address problems with the 482,000 VWs sold in the U.S.

A representative of Volkswagen U.S. said the fix will not apply to vehicles sold here, which will have to meet stricter emissions standards administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.
“For the U.S. we are still diligently working with EPA and CARB for a remedy agreed upon by all parties,” said company spokeswoman Jeannine Ginivan.

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Is that on the MY 2015 tdi’s?


I have driven a 2012 dsg jetta and a 2010 golf 6speed for extended periods, both of these cars do not touch 45. I had a MKIV back in the day that would touch 50, the new ones just dont do that well.

Also, everyone in the TDI world loves to inflate thier MPG numbers.


This shit:


PORTLAND, Ore. – Some Portlanders who own Volkswagen vehicles are getting targeted by people who are upset over the emissions scandal the German auto company is currently embroiled in.



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Looks like it is even worse in the UK


I’m only about 13K miles into ownership(2010 JSW, 6 Speed), but I average 41-43 mpg calculated per tank (computer usually shows 41-47 per trip), with mostly highway at ~ 75 mph. My average range between fill ups this summer was ~580 miles, and typically ~13.8 gallons per fill up. My commute is 90% highway.

The few times I’ve commuted closer to the speed limit, the computer shows 48+, so I assumed that I was probably getting closer to 45. Seems to me if you’re driving closer to 65, without any traffic, it would be pretty easy to get 45.


I have numerous customers who have 50+ mpg showing on their computers. Even at a 10% margin, it’s still 45 mpg.

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50+ but maybe not for long:

A software update on the newer diesel models equipped with SCR devices could lead to “reduced vehicle performance and fuel economy and increased urea use,” said analyst Kevin Riddell of LMC Automotive. The new software “also will have an impact on resale value and potential marketability,” he said.