VW Dieselgate - No More VW Diesel Vehicles In the US?


Blaming a few “rogue engineers” is certainly easier than blaming a failure of process (which is a reflection of corporate culture). Mistakes happen, but without governance (audits) the value of cheating to meet expectations is higher. What’s the risk?


They were sent a notice of violation from the EPA today on the 3.0 tdi’s too.



Once they drag the luxury nameplates into this, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


There was another stop-sale issued today on a bunch of '15-'16 1.8/2.0Ts. Cam lobe snaps off the end of the cam, brakes lose vacuum, other stuff happens. None of it good.

Recall is being issued, but right now, corrective action cannot be completed as “repair not yet available”


There is also a recall on MK6’s airbag clock spring that they do not have a fix for either.


And the hits just keep on coming. Now they’re in trouble over CO2 output levels being falsified. Add another 800k cars to the list and 2 billion in costs.


This is all fucking bullshit because of Libtards like the greatest con-man ever Al Gore.


Or, you know… maybe not willfully violate federal laws. That probably would have worked too.


$500 “we’re super sorry” gift cards going out to VW owners soon.


That’s a $500 card to be spent anywhere along with $500 to be used at a VW dealership. I need a roof rack. :tup:


Did you read any of the comments from disgruntled vw owners? they all sound like morons.
“I bought this car because of good mileage,” said Joe Kolash, who owns a 2012 Jetta that gets about 45 mpg. “If I get less than 45 mpg, it absolutely will make me unhappy and the $500 doesn’t help me,” he said.

I’m sorry? are you unsure what kind of MPGs you’re getting? how does this make sense?


$1000 and 3 years of roadside assistance, and no waiver of rights.



What? That argument sounds pretty valid to me. He is saying that if his fuel economy drops, he will be upset. What did he say that makes him sound like a moron?


Wife is waiting patiently for her '16 Touareg TDI to show up :slight_smile:


accepting money because your resale value dropped (and also to hope for a clause that says if they accept they can’t take legal action against VW) doesn’t make your MPGs to go down.

To get the money, VW customers must visit www.vwdieselinfo.com, enter their Vehicle Identification Number, their mileage and contact information. They will also have to take their car to a dealer to activate the gift cards to prove that they own the vehicle.Customers will also get access to a free 24-hour roadside assistance program for three years.
To be eligible, consumers must be the registered owner or lessee of a Volkswagen diesel with the 2-liter TDI engine as of Nov. 8.

nothing in here leads me to believe this guys fuel economy will drop.


Obviously he is referring to the fix that they will be implementing in the future, that is almost guaranteed to lower fuel economy…



then don’t get it fixed.


That’s a whole different topic then. You were specifically stating that he was a moron because you thought he said taking $500 woudl lower his mpg, which he didn’t. He is saying that taking $500 doesn’t negate the fact that he will be mad if the fix lowers his mpg. Nothing he said made him sound like a moron, you just misunderstood what he was saying.

And the article you posted says why you may HAVE to get it fixed:

California – where around 14 percent of the 482,000 affected compact VW and Audi diesel-powered cars are registered – would be most likely to force owners to get their TDIs fixed as a prerequisite for registration.


Snap! @Beck how’s your inventory?

It wouldn’t be crazy to assume Volkswagen dealers would be struggling to sell cars in the wake of the company’s diesel emissions scandal…

But in actuality, that would be a wrong assumption.

… many dealers are running into the problem of not having enough cars to sell.


Problem is that much of their production cannot be sold here for the time being.

Wife’s Touareg sits in port waiting for a fix of some sort.