Welcome to vB4!


I’m still posting just got tied up with other things going on recently.

I dont see why you would stop posting, if anything after the merger forum should see an influx of new members for you guys to “play” with and new discussions.


VB4 itself doesn’t really affect anything for us but once we get onto the network I think we will see a lot of benefits here with more content and traffic.


Put user cp back where it was.


Yeah vB4 puts your settings under Forum Tab -> Forum Actions.[/QUOTE]

vB4 gets rid of the UserCP and replaces it with a ‘settings’ page. However I just remade it and put a link under the ‘forum’ tab on the left. You should see it there now.


Holy dogshit. Apparently I should crawl out from my rock again and see what else has changed !


Holy fuck Whalen does live still


aye! I’ve been away from the site, moved only 10 miles further and poof, I disappear!! but yea, been busy getting ripped off by friends and neighbors lately, gotta love it


still dealing with failvis then if your getting ripped off eh !


haha no, haven’t spoken to him in months, more like somebody that’s a mutual friend Jon but not gonna blab. plus my neighbor as well so yea it’s been a couple fun months!!


spoken by a real stand up guy. riiiiiight ::rolleyes::


is anyone here under the age of 20? other than skid?

Seriously stop acting like a bunch of children. Things change, adapt. Think back to when you first got short n curlys on your dick and had to ditch your powerranger undies and put big boy boxers on, you adapted to the times then do it now. The place was bought becasue you all bitched about how vlad did what he did with his property, so its in someone elses hands now, which is still out of your control and frankly none of your business at that. They are making the nessesary changes to their shit becasue they have a plan for thier investment… dont like it dont log back in. Clearly some of you are just replying to this post just to bitch about nothing life threatening… the people who brought up issues thats one thing, crying about “i dont like it” is another.


If you spent any more then $20 for this site you clearly got ripped off


GI-Joe undies. And I still wear em.

Tapatalk is consuming my life






These people remind me of end users…God forbid you change the system on them. They will complain to hell and high water and then after a year or so, they’ll wonder how they did without the change.


if I were to revert any of our older boards back to vb3 I feel as though there would be rioting.


Failvis you never will be or ever were shit ! Not one person here likes you and how many times have u fucked people over ? Hell there is a laundry list full of shit u have done . I have t fucked anyone over or will I so step back before ya get shut down again


mine are camo so I guess that’s kinda close, right?


Update: Advanced User Tagging has been installed. More info Here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=242733

Basically you can say @sidewayz240 and I will get an email that you are talking about me. Also hashtags work.

Here is a quick sample: Got any Maple Syrup bro? @bing #canadasucks