well this sucks

so my summer is completely out the window. on wed last week i was just so lucky that i broke my ankle. i cracked my main ankle bone (talus) right down the center:/: had to get surgery and get it screwed back together. i cant do anything. i had so many plans for my 240 that i just baught but there all tossed in the trash now. i was going to be working in a shop but thats not happening either. ill only be starting to walk on it in august. but it might be longer. anybody know any fun sh*t to do when you got a broken bone? im going to need a lot of ideas lol.:o


sorry to hear that

if i played games:( im kinda an outside guy.

drink beer thats a good summer hobbie

don’t need to walk around to throw an exhaust on your car :wink: naw, i’m sorry to hear about that though man, that sucks ass

lol yea but its at the shop that i was working at. and i dont got any cash cuz im not working so it kinda sucks.

Just be thankful you didnt break your right hand, you’d have one less hobby to keep u going then lmao.


Eric, you might as well give me your coupe then eh? Just 'cause.

aha you wish Andrew. not happenin first car is always the best. especially the deal i got it for.

apply for Empoyment insurance, take car insurance off car, use all EI to pay for aftermarket parts for your car and by next summer you will be out and about again!

well im only 17 so its not like i need the money. and my car is not insured yet. how do i apply for ei?

get an automatic for the summer dirt cheap then sell it lol

its my right ankle. if it was my left then i would still be able to drive

get a wheel chair and then cause shit at business’s that do not have handicap access ramps

or a camera and go jimmy justice on the wrps.

feed the ducks/swans at victoria park?

wheelchair at the skate park…

lol im thinking of getting a scooter and racing the old people. sounds like it would be fun.