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I seriously am good with computers and the interwebs but can not get a facebook link,. Here is the WGRZ link but it has a ton of banter on Facebook.

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If an issue can result in a tax I’m sure NYS is interested


There Hasn’t been any good arguments yet


This is worth votes, he is not concerned about the tax for this one. He is hoping that this will regain some of the votes that the safe act drew away. A source at the capitol told me that after the safe act and the blowback he basically went into a crazy state and hiding looking for something to rework and regain his votes. He still is hoping for some shot at a presidential run.


I wouldn’t piss on Cuomo if he were in fire…and I mean that. I fucking hate politicians.


It’s a HUGE load of BS. If you’re going to legalize it, go full Colorado. Oh wait, you still want to make your little money from harassing all those black people for small amounts.


“what i like to know is why this man can violat constuction by passing illegle laws and hes not i jail”

Oh my god. My eyes. Make it stop.


Same here. Fuck Cuomo.


I love when people are for legalizing weed use the argument “Well the government can tax it and make all this money…”

So the government makes it legal with big $$$$ signs in their eyes.

Then all the people that wanted weed legal find out the government is taking 30-40% or more like they’re doing in Colorado then they cry about the huge amount of taxes and how there shouldn’t be any.

Personally I would be happy to see weed legal however it’s annoying to see democrats/whoever use it to temporarily gain votes and turn it into a media circus.

Cuomo is pressing hard to buy votes around here but look at the stats Buffalo is on the poorest cities in the country and so is Rochester…Even the companies he brought it and yet to turn a profit :tif:

NY needs to find a way to cut property taxes a lot or cut income/property taxes to some degree but they won’t since the rest of the state funds NYC.


Fuck NYC while were at it.


Cuomo makes my life hurt.


heres where it’s all going-


100% of all property taxes go to places like my work


We need to stop giving freebies to the fucking parasites that make a career out of living off “the system”. Too many fucking bleeding hearts out there saying that everyone deserves to live. You know what? Not every animal in nature has the right to live and nature determines the ones who don’t. While many have a legitimate need due to bad luck and whatever, there are hoards of shitbags who know how to abuse the system, have 15 fucking kids with 16 different fathers, and continue to have more.


How would all the politicians collect all their votes then? I’m beginning to think that they realize there are more parasites than hard working people so their tune has changed. This country is just circling the drain at this point…

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Fuck their votes, term limits.