What fights would you like to see?

just gotta chop him down

Emanuel is the Terminator.

So who wants to go bong for bong with me.

I vote Allan for that one.

… Il be back

funny u mention this, saturday i hurt my knees once again. Doctor next week for an mri on them. I think i have torn tendons.

man. thats been the weak link for years. time for some reconstruction.

Im callin out leo :poke

Is Emanuel going to be ike Will Smith in I, Robot now instead?

all the riding fucked um up good

I’d have to be on Joey’s side on this one.

me vs underboosted… wtf? :lmao :lmao


lol those two guys are about the size of the two of us…

88slowmarro vs 08silveradoman

im down

WTF. I don’t even know who you are,But whatever.I’m down if you are.

i dont know you either :lol i’m a just big a jolly green giant, i dont fight anybody :lol

I think I meet you at “the lot”.I wanna see your car. That thing has to be one fun ass go-kart.

if you’re the guy with the yellow EG hatch, then yeah, we’ve talked a few times. i’m 6’5" and drive a bright red POS, ya can’t miss me lol