What is the biggest threat to the future of America?


In your opinion, what is the biggest threat facing the future of this country as we know it?

I was discussing this with my wife’s great uncle and he said that Islamic terrorists are. although they are a threat, I disagree strongly. I think that its actually black people.

j/k j/k. its Asians.

no for real though, in my opinion it is the fact that people are living for a lot longer than we could have ever imagined and are an enormous financial burden to young working people. he didn’t like that one lol.

what do you think?


Litigation. Everything has go through courts. Don’t like it, file a lawsuit. Sue. Sue. Sue.




Civic owners




oh boy. looks like im a big part of the problem




People that watch TV for 4+ hours a day, and really believe the 6:00-7:00 news.


Donald Trump with Hillary


Greed. Greed for money, power, and the destruction of our natural resources to further a personal agenda.


China, hands down… because of our government. So…


I mean it is a good answer but you really let me down here. I saw your name as last post and I immediately thought “Oh, this should be good!”. It was just poignant.


One word… Entitlement.

Somewhere along the way we forgot the word “pursuit” in the phrase “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Only the first two are guaranteed rights, the last one you have to WORK for.


China is not a threat. China makes more money off our interest payments to them, they love us. We default and stop paying them and then we got issues.

I think the biggest threat is financial spending. Not the democrat/republican spending, the fear driven defense budgets we have.

Also, state spending is starting to turn into a mini Greek crisis situation. We will start to see states having issues in the next few years.


I completely agree with the defense spending. It’s insane.


someone from a 3rd world country coming in without proper screening, carrying some super virus/disease, that our population was not aware of… that kid attending school with the rest of the kids, and the shit spreading like wildfire.

or, FEMA camps.

or, the pussification of the male population.


Super insane.

But that and the entitlement mentality of the liberals is really going to screw us.
@JayS I know you are a conservative, but have you considered the Libertarian party? It is a good mix of fiscal conservatory behavior with freedoms based on government keeping out of our business.

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If you ever get shipped off to a FEMA camp, ask for T|m Glees0n from HHS and tell him you know his brother Mike. You will live longer :wink:


The Internet.


Like EBOLA?!?!

oh the humanity!!!


:slight_smile: The thing is, it very complicated and I am not going to type up 1000 words on the topic. Here are just a few bullet points: USA unions, Chinese child slave labor, allowing China to dump here, printing endless money devaluing our dollar. These things alone make up the perfect storm then you throw a bunch of other things into the mix and it spells disaster.

So… China is the biggest threat but it because of many factors.