What is the biggest threat to the future of America?


Self aware robots or overpopulation. I can’t pick out the clear winner here.


fixed. :slight_smile:


I’ve actually fully discussed and believe that self aware robots are the next step in our evolution and will be come top of the food chain. Maybe not in our lives but our kids.


poor people


Heh. Once they become self aware, they’ll figure out how to defend themselves

And it will accelerate very quickly once it starts.


Maybe selfaware robots will solve our population problem.

I think outside of financial threats, this Internet of Things mentality where everything needs to be online is going to cause some damage. We see it now where things that were self contained are now being plugged into the internet like cars, guns, drones, healthcare devices… and now opening an all kinds of doors to be used against us.


Economy. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer and middle class shrinking.


cyber security


Overpopulation…its only a matter of time before either resources become scarce or disease burns though China/India/Pakistan. Africa is experiencing a population explosion as well due to better health care. America will be drawn into whatever turmoil that ensues.


Are we talking in our life time?


Wait, I thought it was the super secret double probation chem trails that airliners are leaving in plain sight?


I agree with @LZ. I think cyber hacking will be a major issue going forward, mainly because most places aren’t up to speed on securing their information. Most businesses still operate in the “Lock the safe at the end of the night” mode, but they totally rely on shitty networking and firewall services that are easily penetrated by those looking for information.

Look at the glitches on Wall Street a few weeks ago…most people carried on with their daily activities, not even realizing what just happened. All it takes is one hack to a key system and it could send things spiraling very quickly.


If we are looking at our life time cyber security is one of the biggest issues with everything from cars to medical equipment and even wall street.

Companies or countries hacking each other to steal billions in R&D

If you want to go out many generations over population will be but in the next 100 years easily cyber security the US has handled world wars and economic collapses before.




Silently stalked my facebook back when that was going on?



lack of accountability

also people being scared to stand and fight. Bitching on Facebook and NYSPEED isnt going to fix anything. You might get your ass kicked but at least stand for what you believe is right.


Dentists from Minnesota.


haha listening to Rover?


You told me about it at the DITB get-together. How did you forget? Must be the chem trails.



It’s not supposed to be a career move. You aren’t supposed to go into a job like that to cater to your own agenda. Certain people like to blame the Democratic or Republican parties as a whole. I feel it’s the individuals that go into it thinking they can garner a huge pension to take care of themselves, despite what they tell us, that are really to blame.