What is the biggest threat to the future of America?


So we all gave the same answer?.. humans. Which makes sense unless we get a bad sharknado.


Evil Robots


The 1%

the federal reserve

Global warming


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something like it, i’ve personally came in contact with 2 individuals who had Polio…which is highly contagious. so yeah, could happen.




Is there any reason why self aware robots would care about the environment at all? They would have most to gain by expanding into space. Overpopulation is not the issue, the amount of wasteful everything is. For instance, USA’s refrigeration and cold storage capabilities blow India out of the water, and yet the US’s food wasted is twice that of India per person.




Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Among Hundreds to Urge Ban on Military Robots




corporations that must make profit at all cost’s.


When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.





Most major companies and the 1% have always sought to increase profits and build wealth while appeasing shareholders. This isn’t new. Globalization and free trade agreements have led to cost reduction processes that represent the shrinking middle class due to needing to compete on a global scale and with cheap labor markets.

Anyhow im going with US debt(entitlements, war machine, all of it) to answer threat to the “American Way of life” version of this. Middle class is shrinking yes but our belief that everyone is entitled to a 3k sqft house, a few cars, and a comfy retirement is scary to me as well.

Threat to America via harm to people im not sure. Ill go with plague ?


I believe I quoted EM in the other thread when he said AI was the biggest threat.




Everyone is all worried about social program spending but if you took our national defense and social spending, it would still be less than what we pay out each year in government pensions.


US Debt, and individuals credit utilization. (although, we think Americans are bad, you should see Canadians!)

Also, our view of poverty is slightly skewed aswell, people in the US believe poverty is not being able to afford an XBOX One, and still having to play Xbox 360. But again, we live in a 1st world country, so that’s not terrible I suppose.