Wheel offset

Im thinking about buying a pair of wheels to put in the back of my 240.

I want to run an aggressive fitment.

The wheels Im looking at are work meisters. 18x9.5 +35 offset i know crappy offset.

In the front I am running 17x9 +18 offset.

I do have a pair of 25mm spacers, I was wondering if that would look alright with these wheels?

I do not really know much about offsets and dont want to buy a set of rims and it look like shit.

Thanks for the help,

its almost identical to what your running now.

The 18s are wider, and with the spacer you’ll be running at 18x9.5 +10. should look proper.

Do you think they will fit?
Im running stock fenders, rolled with a bit of a pull.

Thanks for the quick replys!

Yes it will fit.

They’ll fit, you will have to massage your fenders a bit. With a stretched tire, you can get away with just a roll but with a proper fitting tire or bulge, you may have to pull the fender slightly. I guess this also depends on your ride height as well but monster truck height and aggressive wheels looks like shit. this depends if you run retarded amounts camber as well.

ya my fenders are currently pulled a bit. I am running -2.5 degrees of camber.

Im for sure going to slam it low if I go with these wheels.

Only thing is they are going to need a refinish.

you will be good with a 235/40 tire on that wheel, it will fit 5mm more aggressive than battles. and being 18’s you should be able to sit fender on rim lip and not be sitting crossmember on the ground.

Dont waste your money…save up for better sizing