Who can REMOVE an alarm system?

The truck I got has some POS viper alarm on it. It don’t work, they wires are a mess under the dash and I think its the cause of some oddball electrical issues.
Like my dome light randomly turns on when the truck is off and wont turn off.

I had mine done at custom on main n transit $30.

edit- it was a remote start

I can walk you through it.

What year/make/model truck?

I’m about to take mine out too. I have the aftermarket remote, and the stock remote. But I hate the aftermarket one so I disabled the alarm, and just used the stock one. Well one day at work the fucking thing decided to set the alarm on it’s own so what when I went to leave after work my alarm starting going off. I popped the hood, pulled the wire for the horn and drove home with all my fucking lights flashing. FML.

gotdubd removed mine in like 10 minutes for a few beers a while ago

ummmmmmm brdoh i think his forum name is, cool guy removes them as far as i know.

1993 F-350 diesel

Connections are most likely made on the Ignition Switch Harness, Headlight Switch Harness, Brake Switch, Steering Column Harness, and Kick Panels. There is a connection for the Ignition, Lights, Horn, and Locks. They are most likely spliced inside the cabin. No real need to route wires into the engine bay unless is has remote start. There may be a line going to the Tach as well but I doubt it.

Find the Alarm control box. You should have around 10-12 wires. Hopefully they did not cut and wrap each connection with electrical tape. If so, then you got your work cut out for you. Not hard, just time consuming.

These are most likely all the connections.

12 Volt
Ignition 1
Ignition 2
Parking Lights
Door Lock Driver
Door Lock Pass
Door Switch
Brake Switch


Just take your time.

DOME LIGHT I knew that POS had something to do with it. Thanks LUKE_L I think they just tapped the wires. There is 2 realys under the dash I’m not sure if they are factory or part of this alarm.
The remote has panic / lock - un-lock / AUX on it.
Non of witch work. No remote start.

If the Dome is tied to the system it should turn “ON” briefly when you diactivate the system as well as the parking lights. Pulling the system should remedy this problem.

The relays are most likely part of the system. When something trips, door switch for instance, that is what triggers the relay and sets off the alarm. Trace the wires, if they tie into any of the ones listed above or the “black box” then pull them out.

still have the remotes for the unit? Pending it’s not a HUGE mess I could do it as long as I can keep the unit itself. remote start or alarm or combo?

remote is still on the key as without a key chain I would loose it.
I’m 99% positive its just a alarm door lock set up. Sure you can keep it. I might eve have another one kicking around from someplace you can take also.
Still want that wood stove?? lol

ill do it for ya … take me 5 mins

Yeah most definitely do want it … You wanna come here to have me take it out?

where is “here”? lol