Who's going to do it first?

yea way too expensive…think of the engine u could build with 20k…engine…let alone entire car u could build for that…but if u had the money it would be pretty baller

Ahmed will.

20 grand is not enough…in my mind.

definately a nice motor but it might be a lot for our chassis tho… i wonder if GM would warranty the motor if some1 was to buy it brandnew and put it in another chassis!

of course they would.

be no different than putting it in an s-10. if anything they could send someone to go over the tuning and wiring. even that i can’t see them doing.

well its a crate motor so im guessing they are going to assume its going into another chassis

meh, rather take a viper motor and have hennessey build it

Its an amazing motor by all means … but swapping that bad boy into an s-chassis = ONLY going straight + excessive wheel spin.


yea, well you can’t really slide a friggin v-10 into anything easily.

the ls9 is crazy tiny for what it is. every seen them in person? it’s astonishing.

Yea lol, but its still possible, just gotta get creative haha.

And no, I have’nt seen any in person yet, just alot of pics.

One is en route to my house as we speak… droooool

We’re not talking about 1:16 scale models here brah :o