Who's the body shop to go to nowadays?

Coworker backed into me in the parking lot, bumper cover has a big gouge in it and will probably need to be replaced. Hood will need some attention too. Who’s the go-to shop? Zeons? I may end up just replacing the cover myself, but I at least want a second opinion/quote in case the guy’s insurance lowballs me

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That sucks man, i pmd you on fb

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of people to vouch for Zeon’s. My sister was very pleased with them for her 01 Civic. Her front fender, hood, bumper, and driver side light all got smashed by a hit and run.

I recommend them as well. They will be the ones who end up doing my mustang when the time comes.

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Good thing you have a fresh 10 pack. And by coworker do you mean female?

I use toms autobody in Tonawanda,
the owner is a corvette nut as is his son.

I wish. It was the IT guy :confused:

Any contact info?

Seeing the claims adjuster tomorrow at 530, gonna see if I can make it out to Zeons

Zeons Automotive, Collision & Custom car on Transit

Toms Body & Paint Shop
519 Niagara St
(716) 695-1900

Father is tom, son is Eric (im employed at EZ tire and auto the sons shop, so i have a bit of bias opinion.)

Zeons. Dude has done stuff for my m3, just did my dads lamb back glass, hell be doing the front bumper on my 911. Great work, good prices, good dude. :tup:

Bitches ride is at Zeons now getting done

ill have time to do it reasonably quick. Only thing i have going on is Lz’s car and a Vw Bumper

Zeon’s. :tup:

Did work on my Z couple years ago. Pleased.

Aero in Lancaster is good if you’re looking for something local

Zeon’s all day, erryday

How did you fair with the adjuster?

They gave me a number, I don’t know if it’s fair or not since I have no point of reference, I’ll stop by Zeons tomorrow as I’ll be out that way and see what they say


I ran over a damn muffler on the 290 a few weeks back and have been getting estimates.

Autobahn wanted 900 to repair my bumper cover.
Gates on Youngs is around 1.4k to replace it.

I figured I would aske here to see if anyone knows someone to work on the euro trash. :slight_smile: 2011 MB C300.

Its not really major damage. If I had half a clue, I might attempt it myself. This could end up being my 1st insurance claim ever and I’m old.

Comments and ridicule welcome.

Aero Collision in Lancaster. Ken will fix it right. No idea on cost because anytime I’ve had body work that wasn’t my concern since it was an insurance job and I just wanted it fixed perfect.

~$1000 seems about right

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