Wilwood or Z32?

This is the question. Maybe someone could break it down a bit for me. Pros and cons type of deal.


Z32 is MORE then sufficient for a stock S13. Even a modded one for that matter. Good pads and rotors make a world of difference.

Ahmed will say otherwise.

Que Taurus comment…

if you have the money go for willwoods. but yeah, if not, z32’s work just peachy.

if you don’t have the tires, there’s no point in even upgrading brakes.

PS: and I concur with trevor.

how will you show off to the biddies at tim hortons then? bitches love them big brakes.

z32 front and rear with sick pads, rotors and lines are more then enough. You won’t need will woods until you start really pushing your car and ur making some decent power.

I’ve got z32 fronts with hawk hp+ and there more than enough on track, i still outbrake half the people there.

If you have good tires, good suspension. WILWOOD FUCKING OWNS. Jesus Christ, anyone who is suggesting Z brakes over Wilwoods has probably not had the pleasure of driving with them before. I’ve tracked on Wilwoods and Z, and GTR brakes. I would take the Wilwoods ANY DAY!!!

Plus, you keep your stock BMC as well.

Cheap rotors, cheap calipers but may need often rebuilding (don’t forget it’s 20+ years old), expensive pads. Better than stock performance, for more agressive track use may require ducting. Can also make brackets to use cobra rotors which are fairly cheap too. Can also use z33 rotors which are quite expensive in contrast.

You get something brand new. Can’t run rear e-brake. You can have a brake bias adjuster installed when you do this (can do for the above too but whatever). The calipers are lighter, the rotors are lighter. The 2 piece rotors which are larger but lighter/same (can’t remember now since I weighed it) than the z32 counterparts. Much thicker/etc… etc… Lots of pad choices from wilwood depending on your needs.

You get what you pay for is the bottom line.

Pads = more braking torque
Larger rotors = not as much braking torque gained, but required for better cooling/less brake fade especially when you go with more agressive pads. More agressive pads = more torque/braking power… but also more heat.

They are easily serviced and well designed. Best bang for the buck BBK kit.

Arizona z car sells them and so does a sponsor on zilvia. Go with the zilvia sponsor if you go in this direction. Arizona z car/dave’s kit requires extra work (no biggie) and his customer service is a bit iffy.

Overall brakes = great. Street and track. No fade… great braking power.

As people already mentioned. More brakes = requires more tires/grip. Otherwise you’ll just lock up and that sucks.

Elaborate ? Which model of Z33 rotors work with which calipers on an S13 ?

None works, but you can get brackets to fit z33 rotors, supra rotors, cobra rotors. People tend to go with z33 and cobra rotors with the appropriate brackets. Even mitsubishi 3000gt rotors have been used. Cobras and z33 are just the most popular brackets/rotor combinations with z32 calipers… Can always also get z33 or evo/wrx calipers but you’ll be paying premiums on oem stock calipers… Lots of options out there.

thank you 240xcsv. Very helpful information. :slight_smile:

What you’re asking is like saying: “Hey, should I get an MP5 or Shotgun?”

It’d help if you told us what you plan or currently use your car for.

If you mainly drive your car on the street, stock 240sx brakes or 180sx brakes with Hawk HPS pads, SS lines, and Ford Dot 3 brake fluid should be good enough.

EDIT: Just read through some of the “suggestions” and I find it funny that people can recommend stuff when they don’t even know what you’re going to be doing with your car, lol.

It’s almost as bad as a grandma going to Futureshop and the guy is trying to sell her a $2000 computer when all she needs it for is the Internet.

Tru say Mark… lol

so what do u do about a e-brake

Q45 - bigger than stock, bolt-on, no need to change lines, you get 1 more piston per caliper, posting this to spite Mark because I have no idea what the original poster intends to do with his car.

hydro ebrake

Q45 brakes are useless unless you run pure race compound pads. Otherwise they over heat and you crash and die.

“Otherwise they over heat and you crash and die.”


You could put a kit together yourself for example these rotors are 33$ and they are two piece :wink:


Not my setup but just a pic of the above if u cant register.

If you can fab up and research you can put together a wilwood kit yourself for relatively good cost… and everything will be brand new