windows ME cd

hey guys,

i bought a new digi cam and i tried to install the software but i am missing some files on my comp. i need the windows ME cd it says.

anyone got it.

Ugh ME? Why not upgrade to XP?

I’ll look around here for it, but no promises. Might be a coaster by now.

i know,

i am not very computer literate.

is it easy to change OS’s?

would i still retain all of my heavily procured pornography?

Back up your porn and what have you and then format using Windows XP. Porn can be easily acquired, so don’t sweat it. XP is all you need, and it’s easy to change OS’s.

My buddy just lost 120GBs of data when building his computer. MP3s, movies, TV shows (including new Sopranos, Deadwood and 240sx Tuner Transformation).

Anyways whenever the next meet is, i will try to get you a copy of XP.

XP is no prob, everyone has that right now.

i should have it at home. the problem is backing up all my stupid crap on my comp now.

ME? XP? What are those? I’m just familiar with 98.

You have a fast connection?

I have images of ME and XP Pro you could ‘borrow’

XP Pro is a million times the better O/S though, provided your computer can run it.

Buy a CD burner. Buy some CD-Rs (or CD-RWs). Back up your
your sh*t to the CDs. Ask a friend on how to install WinXP and all your
drivers because I doubt you know how (no offence).

If you got extra $, get a DVD-R burner instead. Avoid buying another
HD because you will just confuse yourself.

Actually for the time being, Bing why don’t you do a Windows Update. Start button, All programs, should be at the top. It might install new drivers that will allow you to use your Cam. Try that first before considering anything else.