XBOX live dropping connection, HELP!

I’ve been having problems with this for months, it makes playing online a pain in the ass.

My setup is a DSL modem, with the 360 hardwired to the router/modem… I get 10mb/s (this is the best internet aval up here) which should be enough to run COD no prob.

Every couple of games, i’ll get kicked off xbox live, it’ll sign me off and say “disconnected”

I am not too smart when it comes to computers, I have all the ports open that need to be in my router for the xbox to run online… I’ve been on the phone constantly with the modem company and they’ve tried everything… is this an xbox problem or do I need to contact my ISP?

Every time I call my ISP they do a speed test and everything is fine…they say nothing is wrong with the connection…the speed is fine, it’s just a pain in the ass getting kicked off xbox live every 20-30 minutes.

any suggestions?

check your settings on the xbox/cod

make sure that shit is open. sometimes it makes a difference.

take away the router, plug the xbox directly into the modem and see if it makes any difference.

what settings?

it’s a combined router/modem

Agreed! When I worked for Adelphia, that was our first step… Make sure that the router isn’t interfering with your Live connection.

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If you run a connection test on your Xbox when your connection is down, what does it say?

I’m assuming this is a westell modem/router? Is the whole router dropping when you get disconnected? Like the router is rebooting itself.

it looses connection for about a second, just long enough to kick me out of the game…

Weird… Do you lose all connectivity (like on your laptop or desktop) or is Live the only thing that drops?

well it’s only for a split second, just enough to sign me off xbox live… if it happens to my computer, I don’t notice it at all?

I’m so frusterated, the modem company says it’s the internet services problem, ISP says it’s the xbox, xbox says it’s either the ISP or the modems problem

Is there a firmware upgrade available for the router/modem?

On your Windows computer go to Start, Run, and type CMD.

When the command prompt window comes up type the following:

cd\ [hit enter]
ping -t >pingtest.txt [hit enter]

That will put you at a flashing cursor. What’s happening is it’s pinging over and over and writing the results to the pingtest.txt file. Let that sit there for about 45 minutes, then hit CTRL+C. Now go to your C drive and you should see a big text file called pingtest.txt. Open it up and it should look like this:


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=53ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=51ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=50ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=58ms TTL=53

Except you’ll have page after page of them. Look for blocks where instead of a XX millisecond response you see request timed out. If you get a lot of request timed out, especially if they’re grouped together, that’s where your connection is dropping and that means it’s a router/ISP issue. If on the other hand you get page after page of good clean pings the problem is with your xbox.