180sx brakes = 240sx with abs?

i was playing around with the front brakes that came off my '98 180sx clip and it looks like they’re pretty much the same size as the stock 240sx (ABS) brakes…

that can’t be right, can it??
maybe i eyeballed it incorrectly, but something is awful fishy around here

The ABS brakes/calipers are larger then the non ABS 240sx, but in comparison to a 180sx brake/caliper, im not sure. I think Sentra SE-R have similar front brake setups like the 180sx.

wtf O_O!! if thats the case im not upgrading to 180sx fronts… or i probably will… someone find out if this is correct xP

I was thinking the same thing…bracket looks the same as my 180sx brakes too…i havnt compared the rotors…

I had a 240sx with ABS and I also bought 180sx brakes, the Caliper piston is apparently bigger than the 240sx’s brakes. But the rotor is definitely bigger. The rotor of the 180sx brakes is the same width as the brake dust shield. I tried to bend the dust shield at first but I ended up just cutting the dust shield off to fit the brakes.

180sx brakes combined with Hawk HPS Pads are awesome. BEST bang for your buck.

180sx rotors are 280x22mm
240sx w/ABS rotors are 257x22mm

1992-1997 Altima rotors are 280x22mm 4x114.3 =D

o.o do the altima calipers say nissan on them? o.o

altima rotors, maxima calipers.

180sx brakes are the same as the cefiro’s.

As mentioned… the 180sx rotor is 280mm X 22mm… where as the Z32 also has a 280mm Rotor which is why the 180sx is such an improvement over stock then throw in the added surface area of the piston/pads and its a pretty good setup

Ya, There good,

And wow there are a lot of people getting them now

sorry guys i was talking about the caliper itself, the rotors are definitely bigger, i’m not arguing that, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

can anyone confirm?
well… the calipers DID come off a 180sx clip, i just find it weird that they look exactly the same (in size) as my 240sx calipers.

I think the caliper might be the same size but the piston is apparently bigger as I’ve heard. Either way dude, 180sx brakes are awesome :smiley:

cool so now Ive been completely convinced to do the upgrade this week

Chris, did you investigate any further?

The 180sx brake upgrade seems like the best bang for your buck at the moment. I recently ordered 300zx 26mm calipers however if rotors seem to be too expensive I’ll return them and go this route.

Also, while looking for Altima rotors you can get Brembo blanks for approx $65 each which in my opinion is a good price! Cost for most suppliers isn’t much lower then this.

Check out this site, they have tonnes of inventory and are connected to a major supplier in the states.


Soo… has anyone done any further research on this to confirm?

my 240 is ABS and i am going to get the 180 upgrade… is this saying that 240 abs is the same as 180 just with smaller rotors ? or just noone has looked yet to see if the 180 is really a bigger piston…

is there a difference between 180 with abs and non abs model? example if i have ABS i have to get a 180 caliper with ABS?

afaik, 180sx/maxima/altima/cefiro rotors are actually a little bit thicker (by 2mm)

280 x 24 mm compared to stock 240sx rotors, which are 257 x 22 mm (abs) or 252 x 22 mm (non-abs)

No, 240 with ABS isn’t 180 brakes. I don’t know if 180sx’s had ABS but i don’t think it matters.

And no, if you have ABS you dont have to get a 180 caliper with ABS. I had ABS in my car but i just installed the 180sx calipers that I bought.

180sx brake rotors are 280 x 22mm not 24mm as far as i know, same thickness as stock, but same diameter as 300zx, so it should have similar torque, but massive fading. And ABS cars just have bigger MBC, more lines and such… in case of the 240, tiny slightly bigger brakes…

Also does anyone know if 180sx calipers are iron or alum

i could easily be wrong