'76 cb360 cafe

Nick and I went to check out a '76 cb360 Saturday, and ended picking this gem up for a song and dance.

On Sunday started tearing it apart.

Shorting the length of the hoop at the back of the frame

Grinding off useless tabs

Template for electronics under seat

Side view

Rough idea

New key and battery location

Yesterday Nick came over and we started molding the tank for the rear tail section.

Start of seat pan

First test fit

Seat pan is going to be flush to the tank

Taped off the seat pan area, cut the tail section curve

Still have to trim the back to fit the same curve as the hoop on the frame. I’m also waiting for my tail light to come in, as it will be flush mounted. It’s a 2" round light.

That’s it as of last night. Going to be laying fiberglass on the seat pan today. I also have a set of adjustable shocks on order. I will be lowering the whole bike roughly 1/2"-1" front and rear.
As for the rest of the bike for now:
clip ons
rear sets
pod filters, re-jet/rebuild carb
2-1 exhaust, making a sport bike shaped muffler
no rear fender (bikes missing a front right now as well)
new brake/clutch levers
speedo only, no tach or neutral/high beam light
small turn signals
dual sport tires
paint (2 color scheme ideas 1.black/charcoal grey or 2. black/beige/bright red-orange)
tune up/brakes etc obviously

Looks like a solid start :tup:

Thanks dude!



Lets have a race… I want to run Chris, see who can push them faster.

If Chris ever finishes his bike lol!

nice :tup: shoot me a text when you’re wrenching

Will do. Gimme a shout when your off

quick work :tup:

Nick and I got the seat pan laid out tonight.

Our “jig” to hold the sides against the frame haha

Seat popped off before trimming

Rough trim job

Seat pan sits beautifully against the tank!

Once my tail light comes in, we can mount it in the tail section and make it fit the hoop on the back of the frame. Then its body work/primer time!

On another note, one of the flappers in the carb is rivited in place, vs being screwed. It wobbles around a bit. I’m going to have to drill out the rivits and tap the holes and put new screws in.

i like it so far :tup:

Looking good fggt <3 now come finish mine, thanks!

I’m down to lend a hand if you need it.

I found on another forum, someone made a “delete plug” for the starter…I want one!



I don’t have to say much, we already know how I feel about this build :stuck_out_tongue:


Get me some loose dimensions and I could probably make one for ya quick.

That’d be sick! Thanks dude! I’ll have Nick bring the Mic over and do some measuring

Seat looks awesome. I’d never have the patience for it.


what you see is merely two seperate days, about 2-3hrs work each day. all that’s left is smooth it out and paint/uphostry. has maybe $150 in materials into it which includes silly things like golves, tin foil, cheapie paint brushes for applying resin, a gallon of resin, couple packs of fiberglass matt, painters tape, and mcgueirs quick-wax spray.

^ what he said lol. It’s really not too bad. Thing that sucks most is waiting for the resin to dry.

Parts ordered as of yesterday:
-clip ons
-rear shocks
-tail light

Calipers? haha.

I think all I need is the inner and outer diameters. 1/4-20 is more than fine for what you are doing and if we can keep it at .5" total thickness I can make it out of plate.


Alternatively, one bolt in the middle might be ‘better’. Then you would need a small piece to span the opening, which the double bolt plug should have too, actually. You could even get away without any bolts if the size is right for a press fit and/or it gets bonded in.