86 Mustang Twin Turbo Build Running vid added!




Geez, I have to get on here and register just to get some video ??? LOL


That video is top secret…

Welcome and thanks for all the fab work on this project!




so do u have any hp numbers yet?


Ran 9.51 @ 146.5 Last weekend. I am going to try to get it on the dyno soon.


so it ran slower with the turbos? i take it u were having a hard time hooking? or was it more of a shake down type run?


It was the 3rd pass off the trailer with a completely new setup lol. Just wanted to make sure the car went straight.

When I turn up the wick I fully expect to chop more than a second off that time.


god damn!


Figured there was little car talk in here so I’m Bumping this…

Managed a best pass this year of 8.50@162 mph.

Chute mount added early last year, and I just pulled the transmission to get refreshed last week. Started slipping going from 2-3 on the top end… There are a couple siq turbo LS1 cars coming for me so I’m going to up the boost this year and get this thing to go a bit faster.

I’m also looking for someone to paint the bumpers and install a lower valance / paint the front end… Anyone?




Who did your chute mount? Is it bolted in or welded in? I need to get my stuff ordered up.

Great work on the 8.5s!


I just went the lazy way and bought the wolfe racecraft mount… Bolts onto the factory framerails in the rear.


UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I really dont feel like making one but can’t find something off the shelf like that for the Nova.


Like dis.



Find me one




I pooped in your seat.
Let me know if you need a hand… Or a lift and a trans jack lol


Andy. Zeon’s in lockport.